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feta tomato pasta

our own version of the famous feta tomato pasta from tiktok but with a little twist!!


  • penne pasta

  • cherry tomatoes

  • feta block

  • minced garlic

  • olive oil 

  • bacon

preheat the oven to 400 degrees.


spread olive oil on the bottom of a glass pan, rinse the tomatoes, then spread them on the oiled up pan. add your garlic, cut bacon, & feta cheese block to the pan. top with a little more olive oil + salt & pepper.  


start boiling a pot of water for the pasta. then place the dish in the oven for 35 minutes.


while the dish is cooking & when the water finally starts boiling, add the pasta to the water & cook for 10 minutes. 


once the dish in the oven is done cooking, pull it add & place on the counter. the pasta should be done cooking at roughly the same time, so drain, & slowly add to the dish. we usually only add 3/4 of the pasta. 


mix up & serve with a smile!

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