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flank steak tacos

This is a quick & easy dinner recipe we love to make for Taco Tuesdays of course!


  • mini corn tortillas 

  • flank steak 

  • shredded cheese

  • pico

  • sour cream

  • cilantro 

  • your side of choice- we love the roasted corn from Trader Joe's!

Cut up steak to bite size pieces then cook the steak however you please, we added taco seasoning to ours. 


While the steak is cooking, grab whatever side you'd like and start making it. We had the roasted corn pack from Trader Joe's. 


Once you have both of those cooking, start prepping the rest of the taco fixens- rinse & cut the cilantro and limes + prep anything else needed for your tacos. We didn't but you could totally make homemade pico, queso, or even salsa!


After all the add-ins are prepped and ready, heat up those corn tortillas to get ready to serve.


Once the steak is done, put it altogether & serve with a refreshing beverage. Enjoy!

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