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guest bathroom

here is how we remodeled our bedroom!


Before Alec & I’s move back to Texas, we had to start clearing out my childhood bedroom & bathroom because that is where we will be living during the next season of our lives. 


During quarantine my dad had actually torn out my old bathroom wallpaper (bye bye neon pink, organe, & yellow walls) & textured + repainted it grey from Home Depot. 


Since the walls were a darker shade of grey, we wanted to try & bring in some light + add in color. So we got a white shower curtain with a grey pattern at the top & bottom to tie into the wall color + these simple clear shower curtain hooks. To add one more touch of gold to the room, we used this shower curtain rod from Threshold. For the towels we use, we went with grey bath sheets from Brooklinen, as well as grey washcloths, & grey hand towels. 


In the shower we use this Aveeno body wash. We both really like it because it has a simple/light scent & doesn’t dry or irritate our skin. For shaving I love my razor from Billie, seriously the best one I have ever owned. I like how when you purchase it online, it comes with the razor, refillable blades, & a magnetic holder for the shower wall. I enjoy it so much I have one that I keep in our shower & a separate one for travel. Billie makes it so easy to travel with because they have a protective case that clicks on super easily.  I typically wash my face during my shower, so before I cleanse I will use makeup wipes from Billie on my face. Even if I don’t wear makeup or only do light makeup for the day, I still like to run one of their biodegradable wipes over my face to get all the grime & dirt off from the day. For facewash we use our trusty Tula cleanser. We have both been using Tula skincare products for about 2 years now & love it! The cleanser is one of our fave products because it leaves our face feeling firm & refreshed. With my job I’ve gotten the honor + opportunity to work for Jen Atkin who is the founder & CEO of Ouai. She has amazing hair care products for all different types of hair types, that are affordable, effective, & aesthetically pleasing. I use the shampoo & conditioner for fine hair and am obsessed! Alec uses Paul Mitchel’s shampoo which we just get from Amazon but it is a great scent & perfect for his thicker/curler hair. For conditioner he uses the Ouai conditioner for thick hair which works wonders! For our towels in the shower we use the grey bath sheets from Brooklinen. They are super soft, absorbent, & big which is the 3 major things we look for when it comes to towels for the shower. To help our towels dry better, we got these wall hooks


For the decorative towels that hang above the toilet, we went with the Casaluna bath sheets & wash cloths + some Threshold hand towels that match the shower curtain color & pattern. Right above that rod with towels we hung this beautiful piece of artwork from Threshold. We loved how it was a very bright piece with a touch of rust to match the towels & bath mat from Casaluna. Another option for above that rod would be a floating wooden shelf with a piece of artwork leaning on it + a candle. To the right of the toilet we have this plunger & brush cleaner. We loved that it was a two for one while also looking clean + subtle. On the left side of the toilet we placed this trashcan to match all of the other gold accents in the bathroom as well as this toilet paper holder. We really liked this one because it hid the toilet paper & also kept it from getting dirty & dusty. 


For our sink area, we like to keep it clean & clear. So under the sink we have these storage organizers to hold all of our product + make it accessible. People always ask how we keep things separate/know the difference of who’s is who’s when it comes to toothbrushes, towels, etc. since all of our stuff is matching. The way we like to remember it is that the wife is always right, so my stuff is always on the right & Alec’s is always on the left lol. A funny (& very not true statement) but it helps us remember & keeps it consistent! So on my side of the under sink area I have a 3 tier under sink storage/organizers to hold all of my products & Alec has a  2 tier Under sink storage/organizers on his side. In the middle we also have a single tier under sink storage/organizer to hold items that we use everyday- I.e. Tula skincare products, deodorant, perfume/cologne, etc. On the actual bathroom counter we have our hand soap, cups & toothbrushes, which are always sitting in our gold toothbrush holder that matches the trash can. We just started using this charcoal toothpaste from Native & are really liking it. It leaves a great taste in your mouth + is super great at whitening. You just have to be ok with the fact that it is charcoal but it doesn’t stain your teeth at all & comes out right away! Alec & I have gotten really good at washing our faces morning & night so when we don’t do that in the shower, we do it at the sink. However, we do not like using the hand towel to dry our faces so we each have grey wash cloths from Brooklinen under the sink. For our hand towel we also use a grey one from Brooklinen that matches the rest of the set. Lastly we decided to take off the old typical rectangle bathroom mirror & replace it with this gold mirror from Studio McGee. It really helps tie in the rest of the gold accents throughout the bathroom + brighten up the room a little more. 


Links to all the items we used- 


Bath mat

Bath sheets


Clear shower liner

Floating wooden shelf

Hand towels


Plunger & brush cleaner

Shower curtain

Shower curtain hooks 

Shower curtain rod

Toilet paper holder


Wall hooks

Wash cloths

Links to all of our bathroom necessities- 

2 tier Under sink storage/organizers 

3 tier under sink storage/organizers





Hand soap


Makeup wipes 

Razor (hers)

Shampoo (hers)

Shampoo (his)


Toothbrush holder


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