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guest bedroom

here is how we remodeled our bedroom!


Before Alec & I’s move back to Texas, we had to start clearing out my childhood bedroom & bathroom because that is where we will be living during the next season of our lives. 

During quarantine my dad had actually repainted the bedroom (bless his sweet heart) & we had purchased a new bed frame + mattress. The room is divided in half by a railing, so we decided to paint the top taupe and the bottom blue, both paints are from Home Depot. 

The mattress is from Nectar & we are obsessed. It’s the perfect amount of firm + soft while also keeping you cool throughout the night. The sheet set we have is from Brooklinen which is another one of our favorite brands. We have the Luxe Core Set which includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, & 2 pillow cases in the color cream. Seriously some of the best sheets we’ve ever slept on, they are soft & cool + super high quality which makes it feel like you’re sleeping in a fancy hotel in the comfort of your own home! Our comforter & throw blanket are the new Casaluna brand from Target & we are loving it! Not too lightweight but also not too heavy and such a stunning color that really brings the whole room together. Alec is a big believer in not having too many pillows on the bed so we decided to just add one subtle lumbar pillow. We wanted something white & light to offset the rust colored comforter. 

For the bed frame I wanted to go with something very neutral & natural to make the blue paint really pop, so we ordered this one from Wayfair. I really liked the padding on the headboard, making it way more comfortable to lean against + the gold studs around the trim. I wanted something with gold in it to match my childhood dresser + nightstands which are a deep natural wood with gold handles. Here is a link to a dresser, mirror, & nightstand that is similar to the one I have had for years. On Alec’s nightstand we also placed this tall lamp to add more height & light to the room. Also we always like to put a lamp in reach of the bed so we don’t have to have the overhead light on at night & is easy to turn off once we are already in bed for the night.

When it comes to decor, we really like to keep it simple! We like to let the room do the talking, let in as much natural light as possible, & keep the vibe serine + calm. So for decor on the dresser, we just put a gold metal tray from Target on one end & placed a gray vase with 2 faux eucalyptus stems in it, 2 wooden coasters with gold accents, as well as a candle. On the other end we just have a simple small gold lamp to match the rest of the gold accents around the room. Again we try really hard not to have too much on our dresser because then it just becomes too overcrowded & an easy “drop zone” which we don't want in a smaller space. 

In the corner of the room we always like to add a chair so there is an additional seating option other than the bed in the room. We used this beautiful chair from Target & placed this fan + small metal gold trashcan next to it. You could always add a throw pillow or blanket to add more texture or color if needed. 

Lastly we put a little bit of wall decor up but again not much. We really wanted to keep this room minimal & all the decor subtle to help the room not feel so small or crowded. Since the bed frame is taller & so pretty, we didn’t put anything above the bed to make the ceiling look taller & room be brighter. On one side of the bed we put this shelf with a few knickknacks & on the other side we hung 2 of these frames + printed 2 8x10 black and white pictures of the beach to always remind us of our home away from home in CA!

Links to all of the items we used- 

Bed frame 

Bed sheets







Faux Eucalyptus Stems


Lumbar pillow


Metal tray




Small lamp

Tall lamp

Throw blanket



Tv mount


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