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1st Trimester Must Haves

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

During my first trimester I was so fortunate to not feel super sick or nausea but dang was I tired. Alec tends to describe me as the energizer bunny that never slows down but during those first 12 weeks I have never felt more exhausted in my life. I was honestly just super tired and didn't move off of the couch or out of our bed much. With that being said, I wanted to gather and share my list of pregnancy must haves during the first trimester for the tired mama!

Self care:

  • Coconut oil- I started using this all over my body after I got out of the shower everyday to help my skin stay moisturized and glowy.

  • Belly butter- After using the coconut oil, I rub this all over my growing belly and chest to help prevent stretch marks + it leaves my skin feeling super soft!

  • Prenatals- Whether you are pregnant already or are planning to get pregnant soon, a prenatal vitamin is a must! Ritual's prenatal multivitamin has 12 key nutrients + offers 2 different flavors, citrus & mint. I have been taking the citrus ones and think they are very digestible and easy to stomach.

  • Water bottle- Drinking lots of water is a huge priority throughout pregnancy, so find a water bottle you like and drink up!

  • Super balm- Depending on the time of year you are pregnant, you may experience severe dehydration and dryness. This balm is great for hydration all over (lips, hands, feet, etc.) + is fragrance free.


  • Your favorite blanket- Whether you are cuddling up on the couch or in your bed, it's important to have a soft, cozy blanket to snuggle up with.

  • Fuzzy socks- A warm, fuzzy pair of socks is the perfect thing to have one when needing to be extra comfy + cozy.

  • Cozy robe- Pretty much living in this robe throughout my pregnancy and then probably post part too!

  • Slippers- Comfy house slippers are a must when staying home to help protect the arches of your feet and give your back all the support it can get while growing a baby.

  • Eye mask- Sleeping in a silk mask has been super calming for me at night + helps me sleep longer & harder which is key in the first trimester.

  • Body pillow- This is a great purchase early on in pregnancy (+ can be used throughout) to help get + stay comfy when sleeping.

  • Comfy sweats- comfy, cozy, stretchy sweats are a must when pregnant, especially in the beginning when your belly is growing so much & so fast.

What are some of your Pregnancy Must Haves? As I step into the second trimester, I'd love to know what I need during this phase!



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