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3rd Trimester Must Haves

Here are a list of my third trimester pregnancy must haves!

During my third trimester I still used a lot of those first & second trimester must haves and just added in a few things for my growing belly + changing body. With that being said, I wanted to gather and share my list of pregnancy must haves during the third trimester for the mamas!

Self care:

  • Coconut oil- I continued using this all over my body after I got out of the shower everyday to help my skin stay moisturized and glowy.

  • Belly butter- After using the coconut oil, I rub this all over my growing belly and chest to help prevent stretch marks + it leaves my skin feeling super soft!

  • Water bottle- Drinking lots of water is a huge priority throughout pregnancy, so find a water bottle you like and drink up!

  • Super balm- Depending on the time of year you are pregnant, you may experience severe dehydration and dryness. This balm is great for hydration all over (lips, hands, feet, etc.) + is fragrance free.

  • Loofa (on a stick)- Makes washing your body SO much easier towards the end of pregnancy when it's harder to move around.

  • Moms on Call book- Great resource for all things once the baby is born (sleeping, feeding, schedules, etc.)!


  • Prenatals- Whether you are pregnant already or are planning to get pregnant soon, a prenatal vitamin is a must! Ritual's prenatal multivitamin has 12 key nutrients + offers 2 different flavors, citrus & mint. I have been taking the citrus ones and think they are very digestible and easy to stomach.

  • Heating pad- To help with any cramping or muscle soreness.

  • Foam roller- To help roll out those aches and pains all over your body (back, legs, sides, arms, etc.).

  • Massage gun- This is another nice tool to have and use for all of those aches and pains you may be experiencing throughout your body while you grow your baby. I noticed when I slept I would tend to wake up feeling extra sore in my glutes (from laying on my sides) so this was a helpful tool to have.

  • Yoga ball- A nice way to get some exercise in, stretch on, or just bounce on while watching some tv.

  • Foam massage ball- Good to sit on & take some deep breaths to help with perineal stretching before going into labor.

  • Raspberry leaf tea- A simple nighttime tea that helps boost blood flow to the uterus and strengthens the uterine muscle fibers. It is believed to get the birthing process started by triggering contractions.

  • Dates- Another great thing to eat towards the end of your pregnancy to help soften the cervix & ripen for labor.

  • Tums- Indigestion and acid reflux are 2 of the most common symptoms is the second trimester so be sure to have a bottle of Tums on hand (or maybe 2/3).

  • Nursing pads- Some people may need these pre-baby and some won't. I am what they call an "over producer" which just means that I started producing milk early so I needed to add these to my bras starting in the second trimester.


  • Comfy loungewear- Don't think you have to have the cutest loungewear or perfect sets, in the second trimester is when I started gravitating to wearing Alec's boxers and oversized tees day and night.

  • Bras- Just like your belly is growing, your boobs are likely growing a lot in this trimester too. It's important to wear comfy bras, bralettes, or nursing bras to help support them + protect your back.

  • Cozy robe- Pretty much living in this robe throughout my pregnancy and then probably post part too! If you're pregnant in the summer (like me) it might be good to invest in a cooler robe, either short sleeve or waffle knit to help not get so hot.

  • Fuzzy socks- A warm, fuzzy pair of socks is the perfect thing to have one when needing to be extra comfy + cozy.

  • Compression socks- As you keep growing that baby, all sorts of crazy things that happening to your body. It's important to wear compression socks to help with all that extra blood flow + keep your feet the same size they were pre-pregnancy.

  • Slippers- Comfy house slippers are a must when staying home to help protect the arches of your feet and give your back all the support it can get while growing a baby. During the winter months I like to wear fuzzy slippers and then in the summer months switch to slides/flip-flops of some kind.

  • Your favorite blanket- Whether you are cuddling up on the couch or in your bed, it's important to have a soft, cozy blanket to snuggle up with.

  • Eye mask- Sleeping in a silk mask has been super calming for me at night + helps me sleep longer & harder which is key while growing a baby.

  • Body pillow- This is a great purchase early on in pregnancy (+ can be used throughout) to help get + stay comfy when sleeping.

  • Satin scrunchies- Just a feel good thing to have on deck in case you're getting hot and need to throw your hair up quick without messing it up too much!

What are some of your Pregnancy Must Haves? As I step into the fourth trimester, I'd love to know what I need during this phase!



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