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British Isles Cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

July 2023 | Our itinerary

Another summer calls for another European cruise vacation only this time to Northern Europe! Below is everything you need to know about our British Isles cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line visiting 4 countries and 8 cities over 11 days.

Day 1 & 2:

Sunday afternoon we boarded our cruise ship, Norwegian Dawn, at the Port of Copenhagen. From there we sailed all the way to Edinburgh, Scotland which took until Tuesday morning. During our day at sea, Alec and I just unpacked our suitcases, got acquainted with the boat, and relaxed. Knowing this was going to be a long and eventful trip (especially while pregnant) we wanted to make the most of our “easy” days and fill them with little activities and lots of rest!

Day 3: Edinburgh, Scotland

Tuesday morning we got up and got ready in a jiffy! Alec and I were both super excited to be in Scotland and get to spend the day exploring the capital. Once off the ship, we got dropped off on George Street & Scarlet Square near Alexander Graham Bell Pub. This is one street over from Princess street which is the main street in Edinburgh. From there, we took a quick walk over to Rose Street, which is best known for their eateries. Unfortunately most don’t open until later in the morning/early afternoon so we decided to keep walking and headed for the Edinburgh Castle.

If you have never been to Scotland (specifically Edinburgh) be warned it is a hilly city with cobblestone walkways. There are tons of stairs and uneven pathways you have to navigate but honestly that is what brings that historic beauty to life. After making the trek up the hill to the top where the castle is, we learned that King Charles was in town. This was his first time visiting the capital since his coronation which was really cool but also brought even more visitors into the city. Unfortunately once we made it to the castle, we learned that tickets to tour the inside were sold out + that you couldn’t visit Holyrod since that is where the king was staying. Of course we were super bummed by this so here’s is your sign to book the tickets in advance if that is something you want to do! Honestly I normally would have done that but…pregnancy brain!

After seeing the castle as up close as we could, we decided to walk down to the other side to visit the Grassmarket. This area is known for lots of pubs/cafes + some shopping with a great view of the castle. After all of that walking I had already worked up quite the appetite, so we decided to stop into Pirlous for a quick breakfast snack. Of course I was the only one who was hungry (thanks baby boy) so I got the bacon focaccia to tide we over until lunch. It was honestly so delicious + a nice spot to stop in for a quick rest before we continued on our adventures of exploring this historic city.

Just up the way from the Grassmarket, is Victoria’s Street. This is another very well known street with beautifully colored buildings around a curve filled with restaurants + shops. We of course had to stop into the Harry Potter store/museum to check out all the knickknacks. After snagging some pics we decided to walk back up the hill and make our way to Calton Hill. As we did this, we walked on the Royal Mile passing lots of historic monuments + cathedrals (like Scott Monument and St. Giles Cathedral). Since the king was in town and there was going to be a parade the next day for him, the city workers were starting to put up barricades in preparation for the events the next day. This made walking the streets much more difficult + crowded so we tried avoiding this area as much as we could from there on out. I would also say that the Royal Mile is definitely the “touristy” street filled with souvenir shops, people, and isn’t as clean as the rest of the areas we saw.

Once we made it to the top of Calton Hill we took a much needed break and just enjoyed the aerial view of the city. Now this is not the most famous/highest hike you can do it Edinburgh but it was definitely the one we were most dressed/had the time for + could do while I was pregnant. Arthur’s Seat is the infamous hike which is a little higher + gives an even better view of the city from on-top of a hill. Highly recommend this if you are visiting for a longer period of time because it is said to be absolutely breathtaking!

After we snagged some pics and took one last look at the view, we decided to walk back down to Victoria’s Street to stop in for a pint at one of the pubs. One of the most popular pubs on Victoria’s Street is Bow Bar so we decided to pop in there for a quick drink. Alec had an Oak Haven Golden Ale first and then a Born Amber Ale while I enjoyed an alcohol free ipa. Once we finished our drinks we ran around town to find a spot for lunch but as you could imagine it was very crowded and the wait time for food was super long almost everywhere we tried to go. Luckily we were finally able to find a table at the Whiski Room. Once seated we ordered the Mac & Cheese + Scotch Steak Pie. Both were absolutely delicious and the perfect final meal before running back to the bus in the rain to head back to our cruise ship.

Overall we really enjoyed Edinburgh however we felt like there was too much to do and see in such a small amount of time. Plus with the king being in town and his event taking place the next day, that made for a very over crowded city with even more people than usual in the streets + in the stores and restaurants.

Other things to do in Edinburgh that we wanted to just didn’t have time for-

Day 4: Inverness, Scotland

Wednesday morning we had officially arrived in Inverness, Scotland and were ready to take on another beautiful city in the Scottish hills. Today’s tour consisted more of a bus tour taking us to tons of different cute, little cities to do shopping + site-seeing. We started off by driving to the Cullodan Battle Field. Where we learned a lot about all of the different Scottish clans and their battle against the government. It was mainly an outdoor tour where we walked the battlefield which was honestly beautiful. It was just the perfect amount of rainy + overcast, so we really enjoyed walking along the quiet paths and taking in all the views. Once we finished walking the grounds we headed inside to the small museum + gift shop. Inside, we browsed around a bit before enjoying a quick snack in their beautiful outdoor seating area. After snapping a couple more pictures, it was time to head back to the bus and onto our next location!

The next stop was downtown Inverness. We started by just driving through it learning a bit more about the history + iconic sites before heading to our lunch reservation. The tour had put together a beautiful lunch inside the a hotel with the most breathtaking view of the lush golf course. To eat we had chicken and veggies with a starter of salad + bread. It was all very wonderfully prepared and very filling. As a finisher they provided tea and coffee, which was the perfect pick-me-up to enjoy before heading back to the downtown area to do some shopping. Once dropped back off in the square, we immediately started exploring the streets of Inverness. We stopped in tons of shops to window shop + grab a few souvenirs. As we were making our way back to the bus, we decided to stop for some fresh made fudge as a sweet treat for me to enjoy while driving to our next location.

From downtown Inverness, we drove to Loch Ness. Before we got there though, we stopped at this adorable rest stop to see the infamous Highland Cows. They are the cutest, fluffiest looking orange cows that are very well known in the Scottish hills. After snagging a few pictures + videos of the little guys, we got back in the bus to go to Loch Ness. Of course along the drive we did the best we could to spot the cheeky Nessie but alas we didn’t see her. Once the bus stopped, we hopped out for a quick picture in front of the beautiful lake before heading to our final destination on this tour.

Lastly we drove from Loch Ness to Drumnadrochit for one last little bit of walking around and souvenir shopping. This was another beautiful little town with just a few shops and restaurants. It’s amazing seeing these adorable little towns and the communities they have. It always amazes us to see such unique areas all around the world that are so vastly different from our own back home.

Once the bus did a final call, it was officially time to head all the way back to the ship for our next stop in Scotland! Day 5: Kirkland, Scotland

Thursday morning we got up, grabbed breakfast on the ship, and then headed to dry land for the day in Kirkland, Scotland. This is another small yet quaint hillside Scottish city with cobblestone streets, historical landmarks, and breathtaking views. Once we got off the ship, we headed towards the main square in their downtown area. After wondering through the cutest back streets and stopping for lots of pics, we ended up at the Magnus Cathedral. This was a beautiful church in the heart of downtown area that we could walkthrough for free. After admiring all of the beautiful architecture we headed over to the Bishop's & Earl's Palaces. To go inside of both you did have to pay so we decided to just admire it from the outside. Once we finished walking the grounds, and Alec played the ring toss game, we headed over to the National Museum of Orkney. This was a free little museum that shared about the history of the islands in this area + what all they have to offer. Before taking a little coffee break, we decided to walk over to the Ring of Brodgar. To be honest, it wasn't much other than a big circle on the ground filled with water but at least we can now say we've seen it lol.

After all of that walking, I needed a rest + a little caffeine pick me up! I really haven't been drinking coffee while pregnant but every once in awhile I will if I need it. Most of the restaurants and shops downtown were pretty crowded since it was a small town with a whole cruise ship of people visiting but luckily we were able to snag a table at the Daily Scoop. While we sipped on our hot drinks, we both just enjoyed people watching and relaxing before making the trek up to the top of the island.

Prior to the trip, Alec had done some research on top things to do in Kirkland with a distillery tour being one of the most popular experiences. So of course we had to sign up for one at the Highland Park Distillery. Luckily when he emailed them they had 2 spots still available for their 2pm tour that day. They only take 10 people on a tour at a time, so if this is something you're interested in be sure to book in advance! Like I mentioned, this distillery was located at the top of the island so around noon we started walking up that way. Luckily the weather was beautiful, sunny and not a cloud in the sky, so it wasn't too hard for me. Once at the top, we decided to stop into the Lynnfield Hotel & Restaurant for a quick bite to eat. They actually had an event going on that day so their dining room was full but luckily they were able to still accommodate us and give us a seat in the sitting room instead. To eat I ordered the sun dried tomatoes with pesto panini while Alec enjoyed the chicken bacon avocado panini. We both very much enjoyed our sandwiches + getting to spend some time just hanging out together. To drink Alec had a local pint from the Swannay Brewery- Scapa IPA which he also really liked.

Once we finished eating and paying our tab, we walked over to the Highland Park Distillery for our tour. It was about an hour and a half long tour where we learned all about how whiskey is made, how they make it at that distillery, and the different kinds of whiskey they offer. Of course at the end there was also a tasting (for Alec) and they boxed mine up for him to enjoy later! Overall it was a lovely tour where we really got to learn a lot from our well versed guide who was just as eager about the whiskey as we were. After the tour completed, we swung by the gift shop to pick out a couple of souvenirs before making the long walk back down the hill to the main downtown area. From there we did a little more window shopping before stopping to grab some fresh fudge for me from a cute little dessert shop. It was definitely my reward for making that trek and tagging along on the distillery tour + tasting! Right at 5pm we made sure to get on the last tender boat to take us back to the ship before our next stop on our trip.

Day 6 & 7:

Unfortunately due to the rough weather in the Baltic Sea and having to tender (this is when you take the small emergency boats off the side of the ship and use them to get to the port/land) we had to miss both our Stornoway, Scotland stop as well as our Dublin, Ireland stop. Of course these were both a huge bummer to miss but we understand that there is only so much you can do about the weather especially in such unpredictable seas in that area. So for the first extra day at sea, Alec and I just took it really easy. We slept in a ton, laid in bed, and just vegged out on movies. It was honestly super romantic and relaxing which is exactly what we needed to help break up such a big trip like this. However the second day, we did start to go a little stir crazy! We were also super bummed about missing Dublin so that didn’t help either. But we made the most of our time together at sea playing lots of card games, going to the shows, and wandering around the ship. Let’s just say though, by Sunday we were more than ready to get back off the ship and be on land again! Day 8: Belfast, Ireland

Sunday morning we had never been more excited to see land again and be getting off the cruise ship for the day! We of course got up super early and off the ship as soon as we possibly could. Normally we would have eaten breakfast on the ship prior to departing but since we had been stuck at sea for the past 2 days unexpectedly, we were ready to not eat cruise food again.

Once off the ship, we immediately started walking to the Cathedral Quarter to grab a quick breakfast from The Establishment. To drink I got the seasonal tea while Alec enjoyed an Americano and then to eat he had the lemon meringue waffle and I had the honey coconut porridge. We both loved what we got and ate every last bite! Once we were finished with everything, we hoped in an Uber to take a quick ride over the river to the north side of the city to visit the Titanic Belfast Museum. In light of the recent tragedy with the submarine trying to visit the Titanic wreckage, you could imagine this museum was pretty busy. There were so many people who wanted to just learn more about the whole thing and honor those who died. All that being said, we would highly recommend getting their at opening because even though it is a large museum (with tons of information) it can get crowded pretty quickly. After purchasing our tickets, which were $25/person, we immediately starting walking through reading all about the history of how the Titanic was made, learning about life on board, and remembering those who tragically lost their lives. You could honestly spend probably 3-4 hours in this museum reading everything but unfortunately we did not have time for that. After about a little under 2 hours, we had finished walking through the museum and were ready to head to our next site to see.

Since the museum was kind of further away from the downtown area, we took another Uber back to the other side of the river and headed for the Botanic Gardens. It was not a long Uber at all but definitely saved us a lot of time walking. Right where we were dropped off, there was a cute Co-Op coffee cart located inside the gardens where Alec got another coffee to help fuel him for the rest of the day. Just like in Copenhagen, this was another free botanic garden with lush greenery and lots of people just hanging out. It was honestly so refreshing to just wander through and take in all the sweet, fresh air. As we walked through the garden, we walked by the Ulster Museum (a popular site that we just didn't have time for) before heading to the greenhouse. This was a similar greenhouse to the one in Copenhagen just not as large + completely free! After exploring all of the different rooms and sections, we then made our way to the Rose Garden which was both of our favorites. There were rows and rows of different types of roses, one was even named Alec's Roses! Of course right as we were wrapping up here it started to rain, so we hid under a nearby tree and just waited for the storm to pass. Once it did, we finished walking through the gardens before making our way to St. George's Market.

This was about a 30 minute walk but with the weather being so nice and the area feeling super safe, we were totally comfortable walking the city. Honestly Alec and I typically prefer that just because it's a great way to learn more about a city, snag beautiful pictures, and take in the full experience of a new place. Once we made it to the market, we enjoyed wandering around from vendor to vendor doing some shopping + grabbing some sweet treats. My favorite was the mini pancakes covered in Nutella + powdered sugar! It was pretty toasty in their (no AC just open windows & doors) + very crowded but everyone was so nice and friendly it really didn't matter. After we finished checking out every vendor, we decided to keep our shopping spree going and headed to Victoria's Square. Here we stumbled upon a Liverpool futbol store and I didn't think I would ever be able to get Alec out of here! This is his favorite soccer team of all time so of course we had to get all the swag we could while visiting. Afterwards we stopped by Carroll's (their infamous gift shop) to grab a couple more souvenirs before heading to lunch.

When we were in Carroll's we noticed a lot of souvenirs around The Crown Bar (also known as The Crown Liquoir Saloon). After doing some quick research we learned this was one of the very famous bars in town which was just around the corner so of course we had to go! After the quick 10 minute walk we made it just in time to grab a table upstairs to enjoy a bite to eat + a pint of Guinness for Alec before heading back to the ship. We ended up both ordering the steak pie and I kid you not when I say this was the best pie we've ever had. My little frozen Betty Crocker pot pies from Costco have nothing on these fresh, authentic pies! After devouring our food we paid the bill, swung by Belfast City Hall, then got on the bus to head back to the ship.

All in all we loved Northern Ireland and hope to one day get to go back to explore and enjoy more time there! Our quick couple of hours definitely wasn't enough but for sure the top place we visited during our cruise.

Other things to do in Belfast that we wanted to just didn’t have time for-

Day 9: Portland, England

Today on the trip we were actually suppose to stop in Falmouth, England but again the water was too choppy so unfortunately we had to miss this port as well. Luckily the captain was able to turn the ship around and get us to Portland, England by dinnertime so we were able to get off the ship for the evening.

As soon as we docked, Alec and I hopped off the ship and got onto one of the shuttle buses to take us to the downtown area. This was such a quiet, harbor city with tons of restaurants and shops. Unfortunately with it being a Monday night most of the shops were closed but we still made the most of our evening in this romantic little city. After wandering around a bit, we decided to stop into Quayside Bar & Kitchen for some dinner. Alec ordered the special of the night, while I enjoyed the pesto pasta. It was so nice to just sit down and have an intimate dinner on the water reminiscing on our trip and getting excited for our final stop in Paris! Once we finished eating and paid our tab, we snagged a few sunset pictures in front of the colorful buildings overlooking the harbor before continuing to wander this sleepy, little city.

Of course it started drizzling on us as we walked around (as it did everywhere we visited) but honestly we didn't mind at all. As we started walking, we went down to the water and just enjoyed watching the locals and soaking in the peace and quiet. Before heading back to the shuttle buses, we decided to make one last pit stop at Old Rooms Inn for a quick nightcap (of course I had a 0.0% beer). Even though it wasn't exactly the day we had originally planned, we were beyond grateful to get to spend the evening in Portland, England!

Day 10: Portland, England

Tuesday morning we woke up still in Portland, England and ready to tackle our last day before getting off the cruise ship and heading to Paris! Since we had gotten off the ship the night before, we didn't rush off this morning and enjoyed one last sit down breakfast before making our way to our bus for that day's excursion.

Once our activity was called, we hopped on the bus and started making the trek from the port to Winchester. This was about an hour and a half long drive through the beautiful countryside of England. Along the way our tour guide taught us more about the area and history of how it came to be. When we arrived to the city of Winchester around 12:30pm, we headed for the cathedral located in the city center. The Winchester Cathedral is a gorgeous church dating back to the 10th century with lots of important people buried their including Jane Austin. After touring the beautiful building and learning more about the history surrounding the church, we headed over to The Old Vine to grab a bite to eat.

Of course you know I had to order their special of the day which was a sweet potato pie while Alec enjoyed the fish & chips. We both really loved what we got to eat and enjoyed the quiet, romantic window seat we got looking right at the cathedral and the luscious park in front of it. Once we finished our meal, we headed back to the city center to walk around a bit and explore more of this historic city. We honestly didn't have much of an agenda which was kind of nice! So we just window shopped and enjoyed sweet treats along the way too. Once we had walked up and down all the streets in the downtown area, it was time to get back on the bus to head back to our cruise ship for the last time. It was a bittersweet feeling but we were more than ready for the final leg of our trip and to get to explore more of Europe by foot!

Day 11: London, England

On Wednesday, it was officially time for the cruise portion of our trip to come to an end. We were both sad and excited about this. Excited to be off that boat lol and to get to visit London + Paris but sad because it meant our trip was nearing it's end.

Once we woke up, finished packing, and got ready, we headed to the buffet for our final breakfast aboard the Norwegian Dawn. After we finished our food, we headed back down to our room to de-board at 8am. Be sure to check out our London, England blog post here with all the details of what we did in our 3 hour visit there!


Norwegian Cruise Line

For this British Isles trip, we cruised with Norwegian Cruise Line again because after our Mediterranean cruise with them last summer, we were offered an unbelievable deal to book another. *Pro tip- be sure to check the price of the cruise right before you set sail because prices typically drop drastically. If that's the case reach out to their customer service line and you can get the difference from what you paid vs. the discounted price as a credit to book another cruise.

Cruises are definitely not for everyone however with the deal we received + the desire to see a lot of different places in such a short amount of time, it is what works for us. If you are big into cruises we would just highly recommend picking a line and sticking with it (just like most people do with airlines). There are many perks to sticking with one brand and tons of discounts when you do so! Another reason we picked a NCL cruise this time was because we were sailing overseas. Norwegian is best known for their international cruises unlike some of the other lines. Now I would also venture to say the ship wasn’t as nice as some of the other cruise lines but when you sail internationally you typically don’t spend much time onboard anyway so that part doesn't really matter. What it truly comes down to is what matters to you! So if you plan to eat, drink, lay out by the pool, and hang around the boat most days I would go with a Royal Caribbean ship that sails through Mexico. And if you’re looking for an international ship that takes you to a bunch of different cities in the span of a week, Norwegian Cruise Line is for you! On that note, lots of people asked why we decided to do a cruise instead of just visiting the cities. Our response to that would be to save time, see more, and save money. Was it ideal to only get to spend a couple hours in each city, yes and no. Some cities (like Rome & Cannes) for sure but others (like Capri, Palma Mallorca, & Florence) we could have spent days at. It was a trade we were willing to make though so we could see them all!

The packages + pricing: The total price per person is all dependent on the package you pick + the room you stay in. They offer many options ranging in prices to accommodate all budgets. When we booked our trip, they had a promo going (and still do) called Free at Sea. This package offers unlimited open bar, free excursion credits, free speciality dining, & free wifi. Most of the restaurants are included in the general price you pay per person, however with the Free at Sea package, you are able to eat at 2 of the additional cost restaurants “for free.” See below for more details on the Free at Sea package! We also highly recommend reaching out to an agent to help with any additional booking needs or accommodations. It is also always nice to just have a contact when book an expensive, international trip. The staterooms: On board they have 6 different room type options all varying in price based on location on the ship. We stayed in a Balcony room on the back of the cruise ship. Especially if you have a small fear of cruise ships or don’t like small spaces, we highly recommend a room with a balcony. It helps make the space feel bigger + allows for fresh air & more light. Location wise doesn’t matter as much in our opinion being at the back of the boat was nice & easy to remember but a side room would suffice as well. Just as long as you are high enough up to get a balcony is the biggest priority! Our room felt plenty big enough for the 2 of us + offered tons of closet & storage space. Another pro-tip for cruising is unpack, unpack, unpack. It is way easier and more comfortable to unpack your suitcases then store them under the bed for maximum space in the room. Restaurants (on board): Aqua

*Atrium Cafe

Bamboo- A Taste of Asia

Bimini Grill

*Cagney's Steakhouse

Garden Cafe

*La Cucina

*Le Bistro

*Los Lobos Cantina

*Moderno Churrascaria

O'Sheehan's Bar & Grill




*Additional cost restaurants Bars & Lounges (on board): Atrium Cafe & Bar

Bimini Bar & Grill Bliss Ultra Lounge

Gatsby's Champagne Bar

Juice Bar

Sake Bar

Sugarcane Mojito Bar

The Cellars

Topsiders Bar & Grill

  • Behind the Scenes Tour- additional cost

  • Elements

  • Showdown

  • Soul Rockin' Nights

  • Basketball/Volleyball Court

  • Dawn Casino

  • Entourage Teen Club

  • Havana Club Cigar Bar

  • Hot Tubs

  • Internet Cafe

  • Jogging/Walking Track

  • Lap Pool & Jacuzzi

  • Mandala Spa & Salon

  • Professional Portraits

  • Pulse Fitness Center

  • Spa Thermal Suite

  • Splash Academy

  • Stardust Theater

  • T-Rex Kid's Pool

  • The Boardroom & Meeting Rooms

  • The Library

  • The Oasis Pool

  • Video Zone Arcase

  • Effy Jewelry

  • Galleria Shops

  • Park West Gallery

  • The Photo Gallery

  • Tradewinds


Where to eat

Restaurants we ate at in each city:


What to do

Excursions we did in each city:

*see above for more details on our excursions with additional links to the specific places we visited + saw during out stay!


Traveling to Europe


Normally Alec and I typically use American Airlines when it comes to flying (especially for big, international trips). However, when we were looking to book (which is about 3-6 months in advance) the prices to fly with American were just so high. Instead we decided to book with one of their subsidiary airlines, British Airways. The benefit of this was we still got all the miles and points towards our American Airlines account + saved a ton of money, a true win win!

Our experience: For this trip, we flew from Dallas to London to Copenhagen. Unfortunately we were able to get a direct flight to Copenhagen and therefore had to have a layover in London but luckily we had no issues with connecting flights, bags, or timing which was such a blessing. Don't get me wrong, we still had a very long day of travel. We left Dallas, Texas at 7pm on Friday June 30, arrived in London at 11am on July 1 and had to wait around until 3pm for our flight to Copenhagen. All while loosing 7 hours so we didn't arrive in Denmark until 6pm on Saturday, July 1.

*Pro tip, we highly recommend not planning too much the day you arrive (or booking anything that is not refundable) as you may miss out or lose some money. We unfortunately didn’t follow our own recommendation but will be sure to do that on our future travels for sure! Building points: The biggest piece of advice we can give is pick an airline and stick with it. We like to fly American Airlines (or any of their subsidiaries) because we have built up a lot of miles + have Gold status thanks to all of our travel adventures from last year. It truly doesn’t matter what airline you pick, as long as you use the same one as much as you can. We also have the American Airlines credit card, which helps us build points as well.

Cost & Airlines: When we flew from DFW to London to Copenhagen, we flew British Airways. However, when we flew from Paris to DFW we flew American Airlines. When booking the whole trip we actually booked through British Airways but even on their website they offer AA flights too. Overall, it was a great experience, and we can’t wait to travel internationally again! As many people probably know (& see online) international travel can be expensive but the best things you can do are watch the prices over time and buy in advance. You can expect to pay anywhere between $1,200-$5,000 just depending on the time of year you are going + the section where you choose to sit. Sitting in the main cabin was definitely doable but not the most comfortable on the way there. However you do get the same meals and most of the same accommodations as in the premium economy. The only difference is bigger seats + a Casper sleep package with lots of goodies.

*In our London and Paris blog posts, we will share more about land travel (trains and Ubers) so be sure to check those out for more details on getting around different European cities by land!


What to wear

For all of the details on what we wore + everything we packed for our 11 day cruise to the British Isle in the summer, check out our Europe Packing List blog post with all the details!


the Stegalls

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can watch our full vlogs on all of our stops to Scotland, Ireland, & England!

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