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Disneyland- Christmas 2021

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Our itinerary


  • Have I ever told y’all how grateful I am to have Alec as my husband?! He is seriously the most thoughtful, kind, & generous guy ever and is always willing to put up with my crazy shenanigans.

  • Around 6:15 am we left our apartment & drove to Anaheim, CA which is about 45 minutes to an hour from our place.

  • This time we did not have to worry about or attempt to get virtual queue passes for Rise of the Resistance or Web Slingers because they are trying to do away with those. We guess it has something to do with the fact that so many people are given a pass but never get to ride the ride (especially for Rise) due to the fact it breaks down a lot. So thankfully we just got to enjoy our car ride in peace, jamming to music, & mentally preparing for a long day ahead, since Disneyland was open an extra 2 hours (11pm-midnight) for the holiday season.


  • We finally arrived at Disneyland Pixar Pals parking garage at 7:15am, purchased our ticket, & headed for the bag check area.

  • Once we made it to & through bag check, around 7:30am, we then quickly walked to California Adventure! This was our first time starting at this park but we really wanted to ride the new Spider Man Web Slingers ride so we couldn’t resist!

  • We got to the front of the gate at about 7:40am and made it inside at 7:50am. Once inside, we immediately walked towards the Avengers Campus area to wait in a clump of people who also had the same idea we did lol.


  • At 8am on the dot the campus opened & we got in line for web slingers! We highly recommend waiting in line before the park fully opens on the main street & not take the back way (by Guardians of the Galaxy) because that's where the line forms & wraps around. A ton of people who thought they were taking the sneaky shortcut got gypped & ended up at the back of the line because by the time they got to Web Slingers the ride was already by the Cathedral on the main street.

  • We were in line from 8am to about 8:40am, which is when we entered the queueing area. Similar to Guardians of the Galaxy & Haunted Mansion, there is a room you walk into with a group of people for background on what’s going on + your mission before actually getting on the ride. It is a similar experience to Toy Story Mania & Buzz LightYear, which are some of our faves. We seriously loved the interactive, entertaining ride, great for all ages & even better if you love the Marvel series + Spider Man!

  • Once we finished the ride, we walked back to the front of the park to get my birthday button from Guest Services. This is a free button that you can ask for & wear throughout the day at the parks. They have 4 different categories; birthday, anniversary, 1st visit, & celebration. The cast members are trained to look out for these pins & be sure to wish you an extra magical day at the parks when you have one on! However, once we got to guest services the line was super long so a cast member informed us to just go to any purchase store & ask for one there.

  • So we walked right next door to Los Feliz Five & Dime, to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, grab my birthday button + a new Disney pin to document this visit. I started collecting these pins when I went on my first girls trip to Disney World with my 2nd grade team, back in 2018. Ever since that trip, I like to get a pin that best represents my time during that visit, whether it be the season, favorite ride, or wherever I am during that phase of life.

  • After purchasing those items, we got our new portable charger from the kiosk & headed on our way!


  • Since we had been up since about 5:30am & hadn’t had anything to eat or drink other than water that morning, we were GROUCHY!! So with decision fatigue & not much open before 10am inside the park, we quickly walked to Pixar Pier to get some churros from Senor Buzzes churros. LOL it was quite the breakfast of champions moment but we didn’t care, we just needed fuel.

  • With churros in hand, we hopped on Jessie’s Critter Carousel with no wait at all. It was such a cute & quick ride but loved the theme!


  • After we got off the carousel, we walked across the pier to ride the swinging version of Pixar Pal-A-Round after waiting about 10 minutes. Def a cute ride with great views, but if you get motion sickness easily or have a fear of heights, we wouldn’t rec the swinging version lol.

  • Once we hopped off the ferris wheel, we quickly picked up our coffee from cappuccino cart by Pixar pier & headed for Avengers Campus. We highly recommend taking advantage of their mobile ordering. It allows you to pick a place to eat in the direction you are headed, place your order virtually, select a pickup window, & pay in advance. So once your food/drink is ready all you do is click the button “I’m here” & they prepare the order asap, which helps avoid long lines & wait times for food. Because for us going to Disney is all about the rides & experiences, however if you are a foodie & prefer to have nice, sit down meals, they have tons of options for you too! If that’s the case we suggest you make dining reservations in advance to the day you arrive to get the best spots & times!

  • With a pumpkin creme brulee cold brew (Alec is now obsessed with cold brew ever since we had one at Disneyland back in October), my black coffee, & our coffee kahlua bundt cake in hand, we walked back over the avengers campus for hop in line for Guardians of the Galaxy around 10:40am. While we were in line, we placed our drink order at Pym’s Tasting Lab so we could pick them up right after we got off our ride.


  • Most of the lines were pretty long throughout our visit + they had just released the Genie + feature which allows you to pay extra for fast passes basically. So we ended up waiting about 50 minutes but it was SO worth it for our favorite ride ever!!

  • After the ride, we picked up our drinks from Pyms Tasting Lab. Alec always gets the regulator & I always get the X-periment, both are super refreshing + sweet & tasty.

  • And then we grabbed a quick snack from the Shawarma cart- the New York’s tastiest which seriously was the tastiest!!


  • After enjoying our drinks & snack we walked back over to the pier to hop in line for Incredicoaster. As we said before the lines were super long so we got in line around 12:10pm & made it off the ride by 1pm. Again another favorite of ours so absolutely worth it, but if you ever plan to go around Christmas/New Years just be prepared to wait a ton! We also felt like we totally did not get lucky with wait times & lines, it’s really all just timing, especially with the new Genie + system.


  • Once we got off the coaster, we walked right over to Toy Story Midway Mania. Unfortunately the ride kept breaking down but since we didn’t get to ride it during our last visit we decided to tough it out!

  • Two options of things to do when wait times are seriously so long! First option is mobile order food to pick up after your ride. Second option is to download & play games on your phone; our favorites are The Game of Life & Heads Up!


  • After we finally got on the ride around 2:30pm, we then headed to pick up our food + drinks in Cars Land.

  • We got the chili cone queso of course + 2 vodka lemonades from our fave place in California Adventure, Cozy Cones. This stop is a must for us every single time!


  • After we chilled in Cars Land & enjoyed our food + drinks for a bit, we headed over to the Animation Studio. We had never been here before or really ever heard of it until we stumbled upon Disneyland tiktok & learned some cool tips & tricks about the park.

  • Once we explored the studio a bit, we decided to park hop to Disneyland.

  • We then immediately got in line for Pirates of the Caribbean around 3:45pm.


  • After waiting about 30 minutes, we rode Pirates of the Caribbean around 4:15pm.

  • Then we ordered coffee from Ronto Roasters in Star Wars Land because we needed the caffeine pick me up to stay at the parks until midnight lol.

  • Once we placed our order, we walked over to Star Wars land & hopped in line for Smugglers Run around 4:55pm. This is another favorite of Alec’s and lucky for him this time we got to be the pilots, bad thing for everyone else in the vehicle with us though because I sucked at driving lol but overall it was such a blast.


  • We got off the ride around 5:45pm & headed over to Ronto Roasters to pick up our coffees.

  • Afterwards we walked to Tomorrowland to get in line for Space Mountain which was probably the biggest mistake of the day lol. With that new Genie + option they basically let all of the “fast pass” people cut in line, which is fine because they paid for it of course, but hopefully they can figure out a better system for those who don’t buy in because we ended up waiting in line for about 2 hours. Honestly we should have hoped out of line after an hour but we were already so committed so we just stuck it out.


  • We FINALLY got to ride Space Mountain around 7:50pm which was great but honestly we were so over it we were just happy when it was over lol.


  • After the ride, we quickly grabbed our mobile order from Little Red Wagon on our way to park hop back to California Adventure. Luckily with the mobile order thing you can also easily change your pickup window (which we didn’t know until this experience lol) which made things much simpler for us with being so delayed from the wait times! We ended up getting 2 corn dogs with 2 bags of chips which were super tasty! We originally wanted to grab some dinner in California Adventure but most of the food places stop taking mobile orders pretty early in the evening unfortunately, so corn dogs for dinner it was. We truly ate like champions & I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Side note about the pictures below, we were so hungry & in such a rush to park hop (because the lines were getting much shorter due to the firework show starting at 9pm) that we ended up sitting on the ground in a back alley of Main Street to enjoy this delicious dinner of ours. It is for sure a moment we will never forget lol.


  • After park hopping, we got into California Adventure around 8:30pm.

  • From there we walked over to Guardians of the Galaxy & waited in line for about 45 minutes (if you can’t tell we really love this ride lol). Park hopping in Disneyland is much easier than Disneyworld but still not like the simplest thing ever, that is just truly how much we love this ride + riding at night is the BEST!


  • When we walked off the ride, the line for Guardians of the Galaxy had gotten super short so we decided to hop back in line to ride it again!

  • By the time we got off the ride & made our way back to the front of California Adventure, the clock had just struck 10pm so we got to hear them wish us farewell as we park hopped back to Disneyland to finish off the night.


  • We made it back to Disneyland a little after 10pm & walked straight over to the Haunted Mansion ride. If you were able to read our last blog post about when we went to Disneyland in October you probably already know about the Haunted Mansion ride during holiday season & how much we loved it. Luckily they keep up the Nightmare Before Christmas theme with Jack Skeleton until the new year, so Alec & I were so excited to ride & experience this attraction again on this visit!

  • Luckily from 10pm-midnight the lines were super short & it wasn’t nearly as crowded anymore, so we only waited for about 20 minutes before hopping on this ride.

  • Next we walked right next door to go on Splash Mountain which was seriously no wait at all! Peep the picture of us on Splash Mountain where Alec literally uses me as a body shield so he didn't get soaked lol!


  • After Splash Mountain, we headed over to Big Thunder Mountain. There was legit no wait so we got on the ride within 5 minutes, it honestly took more time to walk through the line that get on the ride lol.

  • Last but certainly not least we walked over to It’s a Small World After All to give a whirl. If you go during the holidays, we highly recommend riding this one. Of course it’s a true Disney classic but also gets a total makeup for Christmas. When they light it up at night it literally lights the whole sky, it’s truly so magical & a must see + ride for all ages. I also had no idea it was Alec’s first time ever riding it, which made it that much more special!

  • After It’s a Small World, we had truly ridden just about everything & were exhausted! So with only a little time left of my birthday, we headed for the castle to sit & hear the farewell wish for the night.


  • Just like clockwork, right at midnight they wished us farewell as we strolled back down Main Street one last time.

  • It was truly the most magical birthday I have ever had & am so grateful we got to celebrate my 26th birthday at the happiest place on earth!!


What to wear


Where to stay

Alec was so sweet (& very smart) to book us a hotel room for the night since we were staying at the parks until midnight. He ended up getting us a room at The Westin Anaheim Resort and it was PERFECT! Great customer service, amenities, views, & rooms!

Just as a side note/heads up, self parking was $35 a night & valet was $39 a night.

We stayed in their deluxe king guest room & it was wonderful. So much space + beautiful decor & aesthetics.


*Ronto Roasters

*Little Red Wagon cart California Adventure Dining

*Cozy Cone Motel

*Pym Tasting Lab

*Senor Buzz Churros

*Shawarma Palace

*places we ate at during our visit!



The lands

  • Adventureland

  • Critter Country

  • Fantasyland

  • Frontierland

  • Main Street, U.S.A.

  • Mickey’s Toontown

  • New Orleans Square

  • Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

  • Tomorrowland


California Adventure-

The lands

  • Avenger’s Campus

  • Buena Vista Street

  • Cars Land

  • Grizzly Peak

  • Hollywood Land

  • Pacific Wharf

  • Paradise Gardens Park

  • Pixar Pier


Downtown Disney

*Also if you plan to take a Disney vaca anytime soon, I highly recommend using a travel planner. It is completely & 100% free + they know all the ins & outs. My good friend, Bridget Virden, is an amazing travel planner with Middle of the Magic & has planned out my past few visits to the happiest place on earth. She makes everything so seamless & fun + takes away the hassle, mess, & confusion.

You can find her on Facebook as Bridget Virden, Travel Planner with Middle of the Magic Travel or email her at-


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