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Disneyland 2023

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Our itinerary

Another trip to California which means we couldn't resist visiting the happiest place on Earth! Here's our full day itinerary for Disneyland with no park hopping + 20 weeks pregnant. Be sure to check out the bottom for a full list of rides you can and cannot do for expectant mothers visiting the parks!


  • Around 7am we left our Airbnb & drove to JavaMan in Hermosa Beach to grab our favorite breakfast burritos before heading to Disneyland.

  • From there, we drove to Anaheim, CA which is about 45 minutes away give or take traffic.


  • When we arrived at Disneyland Pixar Pals parking garage around 8:45am, we showed our parking pass which we purchased online with our park tickets, & then headed for the bag check area.

  • Once we made it to & through bag check, we then quickly hoped on the tram to take us over to Disneyland park! This was a new feature (or a pre-Covid feature) which saved a ton of time + extra, unnecessary walking (which this 20 week pregnant lady was thrilled about).


  • We got to the front gate and inside the park by 9am (which was record time)! Once inside, we walked back towards Tomorrowland to ride the rides in that land first.

  • When we saw the Buzz Lightyear ride was only a 5 minute wait, we decided to hop on that ride first to start our day!

  • After kicking Alec's butt on the ride, we decided to get in line for the seasonal Hyperspace Mountain ride which is a version of Space Mountain with a Star Wars twist. The wait was only about 30 minutes long however, once we got to the front we realized we had made a grave mistake. From then on, we double checked if there were "single rider lines" for any rides I couldn't do but Alec could. The "single rider lines" basically allow you to bypass any line and ride with a random person. Perfect for our situation or if you have littles who aren't tall enough for the rides yet.

  • Alec really enjoyed the seasonal version of the ride and thought it was a cool spin on one of the classics!


  • After Alec got off the ride, we walked over to Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland for Alec to get his favorite tavern cold brew. While enjoying his tasty drink, we walked over to Star Wars land.

  • From there we got in the "single rider line" for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. After waiting about 10 minutes Alec was able to snag a seat on the ride while I walked back out the exit and waited for him.

  • Once we grabbed our picture in-front of the Millennium Falcon, we headed over to Critter Country so Alec could ride Splash Mountain one last time before the remodel. Again we got in the "single rider line" and only waited about 15 minutes before he was able to ride. As you can imagine this ride is pretty popular right now since everyone wants to ride it one last time before it changes to Tiana's Bayou Adventure.

  • As I waited for Alec to get off the ride I couldn't help but people watch and realize everyone was getting off this ride SOAKING WET! Rumor has it they filled the ride with more water than usual to really get that splash effect going on strong before the ride changes. And of course, Alec was no exception to that at all! I died laughing when he got off the ride soaked from his shorts down to his socks. He of course didn't find it as funny but I couldn't help but cry laughing.


  • From there, we walked over to the Hungry Bear Restaurant to pick up our mobile order of the Mickey beignets while Alec tried to dry off in the bathroom under the hand dryers lol. We loved how the beignets come unpowdered with the powder in the bag for you to shake and make before eating.

  • Once we finished our tasty treat, we walked over to Adventureland to ride Jungle Cruise which was about a 15 minute wait. This is always a great, classic ride for all to enjoy!

  • After we got off the boat, we headed to New Orleans Square to ride Pirates of the Caribbean. The line seemed super long when we first joined it but it moved so quickly. I think we only waited for about 15 minutes total here too!


  • By this time, we were hungry and ready to pick up our next mobile order. The key to eating at Disney (while not having to wait a long time for food and so you can keep moving along) is placing mobile orders while you wait in line for rides. This ensures that you get the food you want (because sometimes seasonal things sell out quick) while also not having to add in wait times to eat.

  • So while we waited in line for Pirates, Alec placed a mobile pick-up order for us to try the Esquite hot dog from the Refreshment Corner on Main Street. It was a very unique spin on a hot dog but we both enjoyed it.


  • After we finished eating our lunch and enjoyed some much needed rest from our feet, we walked over to the castle to snap a few pics before heading to our next ride.

  • We walked through the castle back into Fantasyland to hop on the Snow White ride which was about a 15 minute wait. As you can tell most of the rides that are pregnancy safe are the little kid rides but honestly we hadn't been on most of these so it was fun for us to get to do!

*Be sure to check out the full list at the bottom of this post for which rides are and aren't pregnancy safe.


  • Once we got off that ride, we walked back over the New Orleans Square. At first we were going to ride Haunted Mansion but the line was super long so, instead I hopped in line for the Disneyland Railroad while Alec grabbed us some Mickey shaped ice cream.This treat is always a must for us both! I like the ice cream sandwich and Alec likes the ice cream bar.

  • We got to enjoy the sweet treats while waiting in line for the train which was a great break from being on our feet. We've actually never done this ride before but it was a super cute. It takes you all the way around the back and even gives some beyond the scenes shots for some rides and attractions.


  • After enjoying the leisurely ride which has 4 stops throughout and takes about 45 minutes altogether, we got back off at the New Orleans Square station to grab some popcorn before getting back in the Haunted Mansion line.

  • The wait was pretty long for this one still, but Disney was having a Senior Celebration day at the park so it made sense that the afternoon was busier than the morning.


  • Once we got off the ride (which is one of Alec and I'd favorites especially at Halloween time) we walked back over to Main Street to pick up our mobile order of the beef barria toasted cheese sandwich from the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe. This is a new seasonal item that is a 10/10, if you are going anytime soon you have to try this one!

  • Again, while enjoying our snack we grabbed a table and enjoyed some rest before continuing on our Disney day journey. I would say that is one of the biggest pieces of advice I could give to someone visiting the parks while pregnant. Take breaks, walk slow, drinks plenty of water, and don't be afraid to sit down every once in and while!


  • After I had gained enough energy to keep us going, we walked all the way back to the new Toon Town area as they had some updated rides + attractions for us to check out.

  • It was so fun getting to walk around and see all the colorful decor and kid friendly rides. Definitely made us even more excited to bring our baby boy back for his 1st birthday next fall!

  • Major regret though of not getting a mobile order pick-up from the new Cafe Daisy. It offers lots of cute and unique foods, desserts, and drinks that looked amazing!


  • From Toon Town, we walked over to ride It's A Small World. The wait was about 15 minutes and again offered a nice, relaxing break which was much appreciated.

  • After that classic ride, we headed back to Fantasyland to ride Peter Pan's Flight. This one always has a long wait and we have never done it because of that. But with it being one of the rides I could do while pregnant we figured we check out what all the hype was about and honestly we loved it!


  • At this point on our Disney day, I had really hit a wall. I was getting super tired but was bound and determined to make it to 9pm to see the Sleeping Beauty castle light show.

  • With that in mind, we decided to take another snack break and refuel to power us to make it through the next 3 hours so, we headed back to Adventureland to eat at the Tropical Hideaway!

  • Alec hopped in line to order the pork bao buns + some Dole Whip while I snagged a table. Of course because he is the best, he got us the new Strawberry Cheesecake Dole Whip to try and it was AMAZING! The bar buns were ok but tasted cold and stale.


  • After enjoying our tasty food and much needed rest, we walked back to Fantasyland one last time to ride Pinocchio's Daring Journey, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and finally the King Arthur Carrousel.

  • Honestly from 7:30-8:30pm is my favorite time to be in the park. It's when the sun starts to set and all of the lights come on throughout the park making it feel that much more special + magical. I especially enjoyed being in Fantasyland during this time because it was so cute to see the all of the lights on the classic rides and the glow of the castle in the background.

  • Once we finished riding the carrousel, we walked around the castle to Main Street to grab Alec a classic corn dog before the light show started.


  • At exactly 9pm, the light show started on the castle at Main Street. There were no fireworks just projections and dazzling lights all around with tons of new and old Disney songs playing throughout.

  • By 9:30pm the show was over, so we slowly started making our way back down Main Street to leave the park.


  • By 10pm we were on the tram to head back to our car and drive back to our Airbnb in Redondo Beach.

  • All in all it was a perfect Disney day enjoying tasty new foods, some classic rides, lots of laughs (maybe even some tears), perfect weather, and quality time with my best friend. Hard to believe next time we visit Disney it will be with our baby boy as a family of 3!


What to wear Outfits

A: striped tee + bomber jacket + grey shorts & white sneakers B: parachute pants + grey cropped tank top + Disneyland Mickey sweatshirt + jean jacket & white sneakers


Disneyland Dining - here are all of the places we ate at during our visit!

  • Red Rose Taverne (Fantasyland)

  • Hungry Bear Restaurant (New Orleans Square)

  • Refreshment Corner (Main Street)

  • Ice Cream Cart (all throughout the park)

  • Popcorn Cart (all throughout the park)

  • Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe (Main Street)

  • The Tropical Hideaway (Adventureland)

  • Corndog Cart (all throughout the park)

  • Since I was pregnant during this visit, we decided not to park hop because I couldn't ride as many rides in California Adventure as I could in Disneyland.

  • Adventureland

  • Critter Country

  • Fantasyland

  • Frontierland

  • Main Street, U.S.A.

  • Mickey’s Toontown

  • New Orleans Square

  • Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

  • Tomorrowland

California Adventure- Attractions Entertainment Shops Special Events & Tours The lands

  • Avenger’s Campus

  • Buena Vista Street

  • Cars Land

  • Grizzly Peak

  • Hollywood Land

  • Pacific Wharf

  • Paradise Gardens Park

  • Pixar Pier

Pregnancy Safe Rides


  • Alice in Wonderland

  • Astro Orbitor

  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters*

  • Casey Jr. Circus Train

  • Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes

  • Disneyland Railroad*

  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant

  • Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

  • Haunted Mansion*

  • It's a Small World*

  • Jungle Cruise*

  • King Arthur Carrousel*

  • Mad Tea Party

  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

  • Mark Twain Riverboat

  • Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway (I've heard mixed feelings about riding this one while pregnant)

  • Mr. Toad's Wild Ride*

  • Peter Pan's Flight*

  • Pinocchio's Daring Journey*

  • Pirates of the Caribbean*

  • Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

  • Sailing Ship Columbia

  • Snow White's Enchanted Wish*

  • Storybook Land Canal Boats

California Adventure

  • Golden Zephyr

  • Goofy's Sky School

  • Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind

  • Jessie's Critter Carousel

  • Jumpin' Jellyfish

  • The Little Mermaid - Ariel's Undersea Adventure

  • Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters (I've heard mixed feelings about riding this one while pregnant)

  • Mater's Junkyard Jamboree (I've heard mixed feelings about riding this one while pregnant)

  • Monsters Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!

  • Pixar Pal-A-Round (I would not do the swinging version while pregnant)

  • Red Car Trolley

  • Silly Symphony Swings

  • Soarin' Around the World

  • Toy Story Midway Mania

  • Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure


  • Autopia

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

  • Chip 'n' Dales Gadgetcoaster

  • Hyperspace/Space Mountain

  • Indiana Jones Adventure

  • Matterhorn Bobsleds

  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

  • Star Tours - The Adventure Continue

  • Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

California Adventure

  • Goofy's Sky School

  • Grizzly River Run

  • Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT!

  • Incredicoaster

  • Radiator Springs Racers


*Also if you plan to take a Disney vaca anytime soon, I highly recommend using a travel planner. It is completely & 100% free + they know all the ins & outs. My good friend, Bridget Virden, is an amazing travel planner with Middle of the Magic & has planned out my past few visits to the happiest place on earth. She makes everything so seamless & fun + takes away the hassle, mess, & confusion. You can find her on Facebook as Bridget Virden, Travel Planner with Middle of the Magic Travel or email her at- xo, the stegalls

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