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Disneyland- Halloween 2021

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Our itinerary


  • After leaving our apartment around 6:30am, we grabbed our fave breakfast burritos + coffee from JavaMan on Hermosa Pier.

  • At 6:59am on the dot, I opened my Disneyland app & started prepping for the Rise of the Resistance virtual queue.

    • If you haven’t been to Disney in a while, they have a new system for riding some of the rides, Rise of the Resistance & Web Slinger. Because they are both new rides & very popular, they decided to do something called virtual queues instead of lines otherwise people would be waiting forever. At 7am & 12pm you can join these virtual queues online in the hopes to get a boarding pass for these rides. You MAY NOT ride the rides without one & can only hold one at a time.

  • At 7am, we were hooting & hollering because we got boarding group 129, which meant we could ride the rise!!

  • We got to the Pixar Pals parking area around 7:30am. We highly rec buying parking ahead of time, just makes the process be much faster & easier.

  • After we parked (& took a pic of our parking area, a MUST), we walked into the first security checkpoint by 8am.

  • The lines were pretty long so if you are trying to rope drop we highly recommend getting to the park an hour before park opening.


  • Once we walked through Downtown Disney, we got to the Disneyland park gates around 8:15am and officially made it into the park at 8:30am.

  • We headed straight for Tomorrowland to ride Space Mountain first. The line is typically pretty long later in the day, so we highly suggest riding this one first if you plan to anytime during your visit.

    • The wait time sign said it was about a 30 minute wait but we only waited about 20 minutes.


  • After Space Mountain we walked over to the Autopia Cars to take a quick lap around before it got too hot & sunny.

  • Then we mobile ordered 2 candy apple cold brews from Red Rose Taverne.

  • While we waited for our drinks to be ready we hopped on King Arthur’s Carousel in Fantasyland. Line was super short so we decided why not!


  • Once we picked up our delicious fall drinks, we walked over to Adventureland to ride Jungle Cruise.

  • We recently saw the new Jungle Cruise movie & fell even more in love with this ride, just such a classic w/ great dad jokes & a nice shady boat ride.

    • Wait time sign said 35 minute wait but we only ended up waiting about 20 minutes.

  • After that ride, we walked over Critter Country to ride Splash Mountain.

    • The wait time said 40 minutes & we ended up waiting in line for only 15!

  • While we waited in line, Alec ordered Lobster mac & cheese in a sourdough bread bowl from Harbor Gallery.


  • After we rode Splash Mountain, we grabbed a fuel rod (Disney has these everywhere throughout the parks), scooped up our food, & enjoyed it in the shade before heading to Star Wars land.


  • Once we got to Star Wars land, we hopped in the Smugglers Run line.

    • We only waited about 30 minutes even though the wait time sign said 40.

  • Afterwards, we grabbed a churro from a stand in Frontierland (Alec’s fave sweet treat), then headed to ride Indiana Jones in Adventureland.

    • Wait time was about 50 minutes which is exactly what was stated.


  • After Indiana Jones our boarding group for Rise of the Resistance was only an hour away so we decided to stay in the Disneyland park instead of park hopping to California Adventure.

    • When you buy a disney park ticket, you have the option to add a park hopper pass for an additional $55/person. This pass allows you (after 1pm) to switch parks & be able to do both in 1 day. We highly recommend doing this, especially for Disneyland since the parks are across the walkway from each other.

  • We decided to go back to Star Wars land & grab a drink from Docking Bay 7 before our boarding group was called.

  • Alec got the Phattro (which was like an Arnold Palmer) & I got the Moof Juice. Both were super refreshing & tasty!!


  • While we enjoyed our drinks & waited for our boarding group, Alec placed a food & drink order for Pym’s Kitchen in Disney’s California Adventure park.

  • To drink we got an X-periment & a Regulator from Pym Tasting Lab (both are alcoholic drinks), to eat we got the Not so Little Chicken Sandwich & tator tots to split from Pam Test Kitchen.

  • Our boarding group became available around 2:40pm, so we headed over to Rise of the Resistance to check in.

  • We waited in line for about 10 minutes before hitting the first checkpoint & they scanned our boarding passes to confirm we had a spot & it was our time to ride.


  • It was another 25 minutes or so before we officially made it on the ride but the queue (what Disney calls the area where you wait in line) was super cool.

  • This was Alec’s first time & only my second time riding so we were both super excited! We both LOVED it so much, such a cool experience & feels so realistic. If you have the opportunity to ride, we highly recommend!

  • Afterwards we walked down Main Street out of Disneyland Park over to California Adventure & headed to Pym’s in Avengers Campus to pick up our food + drinks.


  • Once we grabbed all of our things, we found a shady table to eat at.

  • We also got lucky & were able to watch The Avengers Assemble show at 4:15pm (it lasts about 5 minutes & happens right in the heart of Avengers Campus).

  • After the show & our late lunch, we got in line for Guardians of the Galaxy around 4:20pm.

    • Be sure to check the app before planning your day around this ride. During Halloween time at the park it shuts down from 2-3 to switch from Mission Breakout to Monsters after Dark!

    • The wait time sign said 75 minutes & it ended up being about 45.


  • After riding one of our fave rides, we headed over to Pixar Pier. Honestly I’m super torn about which park I like more. Disneyland is obviously a classic (like Magic Kingdom in Disney World) but California Adventure is just so cute & perfectly themed, it’s so hard to decide!

  • We tried to ride Toy Story Mania first, the wait time said 50 minutes but unfortunately when we were about halfway through the line the ride shut down due to maintenance.

  • So we quickly hopped out & headed to another ride on the pier.


  • Next we walked over to Incredicoaster which is probably the biggest “roller coaster” at both parks in Cali.

    • The wait was only about a 10 minute instead of 20 like it was listed.

  • Afterwards we headed over to Cars Land for the best snack EVER, a chili cone queso.

  • We also got to the area just in time to see Cars Land light up which happens around 6:35ish every night.

    • Be sure to listen for the “Life Could be a Dream” song around that time!


  • After watching all the neon lights turn on, we walked over to Grizzly Peak to ride Soarin’ before heading back to Disneyland. Soarin’ is such a beautiful ride & a nice break on the feet from walking a half marathon throughout the day lol.

    • The wait was right at 30 as stated.

  • Once we made it back into the Disneyland Park, we took some pics by the Great Mickey Pumpkin, then went to the Haunted Mansion ride in New Orleans Square.

    • During Halloween season this ride is decorated as the Nightmare before Christmas & all the lights turn on at 7:30 every night.

    • The sign claimed it was about a 55 minute wait & ended up being about 35 minutes.


  • This may be an unpopular opinion but we both decided we actually like the Holiday Haunted Mansion more than the regular one. It was so perfectly decorated & a cool revamp for an OG ride.

  • After we got off the ride we walked around the backside of the park (through Star Wars land) to avoid the crowds in New Orleans Square & on Main Street due to the prep for the fireworks show.

    • Our plan was to watch the fireworks show from Tomorrowland and then hop on Space Mountain one last time before heading home.


  • So after walking all the way around, we grabbed some Mickey ice cream sandwiches by It’s a Small World & tried to find a spot for fireworks.

  • Of course you really have to start standing around an hour-2 before the firework show to get a good spot so we were pretty much out of luck.

    • If you don’t have a spot inside a roped off area, it is pretty tough to just stand anywhere because the cast members will continue moving you along through the walkways.

  • So Alec and I kind of cheated the system & just kept walking in circles around Main Street and honestly got to see most of the firework/light show.

    • We def don’t recommend doing this with kids or anyone who is desperately wanting to watch the show but this worked well for our situation.

  • The firework/light show only lasted about 15 minutes & was over around 9:15pm.

  • Unfortunately with our walking in circles decision we weren’t in Tomorrowland when it finished so it was a little more difficult to get to Space Mountain but we booked it over there as fast as we could.


  • Once we finally made it over there is was pretty crowded (apparently lots of other people had the same idea as us lol)

  • What a great way to end the day by getting to ride Space Mountain & end our day right where we started it!

    • The listed wait time fluctuated a lot but ended up being about 45 minutes.

  • After our final last ride we said see ya real soon to Disneyland & headed to our car.


  • Unfortunately the walk back is always sad & brutal on the body.

  • We walked out the park doors around 10:30pm & finally made it back to our car around 11:15pm.

  • In total we walked 12.86 miles & 28,740 steps and every bit was more than worth it (well if you ask me, Alec is still on the fence about the whole Disney adult thing)!


What to wear


Where to stay


*Churro Stand

*Docking Bay 7

*Harbor Gallery

*Ice Cream Stand

*Red Rose Taverne

*Cozy Cone

*Pym Tasting Lab

*Pym Test Kitchen

*places we ate at during our visit!



The lands

  • Adventureland

  • Critter Country

  • Fantasyland

  • Frontierland

  • Main Street, U.S.A.

  • Mickey’s Toontown

  • New Orleans Square

  • Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

  • Tomorrowland


California Adventure-

The lands

  • Avenger’s Campus

  • Buena Vista Street

  • Cars Land

  • Grizzly Peak

  • Hollywood Land

  • Pacific Wharf

  • Paradise Gardens Park

  • Pixar Pier


Downtown Disney

Disney’s PhotoPass throughout each park + Downtown Disney!


*Also if you plan to take a Disney vaca anytime soon, I highly recommend using a travel planner. It is completely & 100% free + they know all the ins & outs. My good friend, Bridget Virden, is an amazing travel planner with Middle of the Magic & has planned out my past few visits to the happiest place on earth. She makes everything so seamless & fun + takes away the hassle, mess, & confusion.

You can find her on Facebook as Bridget Virden, Travel Planner with Middle of the Magic Travel or email her at-


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