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Home Inspo for Each Room

Here's our inspo for each room in the house + links to everything!


For us, it was really important to have the front of our house be welcoming and a reflection of us while also cohesively match the rest of the house. Since our bonus room is right off of our entryway, we decided to have those areas look and feel the same to help the flow of the house more. We did this by getting matching rugs/runners, sticking with the same light wood, and using similar accent colors in both areas (blues and blushes). We also picked some matching light fixtures to use throughout the home to help tie in every space but allow each room to stand apart with different accents. Unfortunately the flush mount light fixture is out of stock right now but it's from Urban Outfitters. Luckily everything else is linked in the picture below!

Bonus Room

Since our bonus room is a long, narrow room, we struggled at first with what we should make this room. After much contemplation, we decided to turn one end of it into our dining room, while keeping the other end more of a welcoming/sitting area that would also double as my WFH set-up. Some of these pieces we already have, and some we are purchasing/making ourselves. Also thinking we will eventually repaint the room and possibly add a trim halfway up the wall, but definitely a project for later down the line.



As we continue renovating the kitchen, here is the inspiration we are using and pieces we are starting to purchase for the space. We want this room to be light and airy to match the gorgeous bay windows we have in the kitchen nook area. Really letting the window be the focal point so sticking to creams and whites with touches of light wood and gold. As of now we have our old, tall kitchen table + black metal barstools, but we are planning to make a kitchen table (like the one below) to give the space more of a cozy, welcoming vibe. So stay tuned for our DIY blog post in the future with step-by-step instructions on how to create this look for less. We also have plans to replace the countertops, backsplash, sink, and hardware, so lots of kitchen renovations and reveals to come! Unfortunately the flush mount light fixture is out of stock right now but it's from Urban Outfitters. Luckily everything else is linked in the picture below including some similar kitchen table options to the one we plan to make in the future.


Laundry Room

Our laundry room is pretty teeny, tiny but nothing we can't handle! So when thinking about renovating and decorating this space, we are going minimalistic and making it as open and airy as possible. Luckily we do have a beautiful window that let's a ton of light in but now we just need to open it up a bit more to allow that light to shine. Our game plan is to remove the door (because we can't shut it anyway, the washer and dryer are too large) and the 3 cabinets to help the room feel larger. Once we do this, we will then add in floating shelf with baskets for decor and add a board across the top of the washer + dryer to store the detergent and essentials in pretty canisters. Eventually, we would love to also replace the tile with something lighter and paint or wallpaper the walls but that is definitely not a priority at this point. Everything linked in the picture below!


Living Room

In our living room, comfort and cozy are the two words we wanted to come to mind when people stepped foot into this space. We decided on warm neutrals with a subtle pop of blue to tie in the rug and really make this space the heart of our home. Our couch is the Jonathan Louis 2 piece sectional from Living Spaces, the chair is the Cameron Swivel chair from Tomlin House, and the tv stand is the Bradwell TV stand from Cozymatic. Everything else is linked in the picture below!


Alec's Office

For his office, we were really trying to go for a modern look with touches of southern, rustic charm. Our plan is to also add board and batten to the walls (halfway up) in a dark, moody green to help bring out that color in the rug and add a little pop of color too since the room is mainly black and brown. Everything linked below except the bull which is an old wall decor piece from the Project 62 line at Target.


Guest Room

A lot of these items we already had from our previous master bedroom and then guest bedroom in our California apartment, but really playing into the neutral, earthy tones with a touch of boho. Something simple yet classic while adding in subtle, soothing colors. The comforter below is an old one from the Project 62 line at Target but linked a different option below along with the rest of the items we are using for our guest room.


Guest Bathroom

The name of the game for our guest bathroom is fun + funky! We've always wanted to do a bathroom in our future home filled with wallpaper and just fell in love with this one + thought it matched the towels we already have super well. So really just adding in some light colored wood + gold accents to round the room out and make it match well. Eventually, we would love to change the tile to some cute, off-white penny stones, but for now, the large square reddish/grey tiles will do. Here is the link to this pattern which is called Pimpernel by Morris & Co. Everything else linked in the image below!


Master Bedroom

When it came to planning the furniture and decor for our master bedroom, we really wanted to make it something that felt cozy and welcoming after a long day's work. For us that meant soothing colors, like greens and greys, with gold accents and darker woods. We are also currently in the process of removing the popcorn ceilings and repainting the entire room to be a warm, white to help brighten it a bit and let all the nature light shine through even better! Our king bed frame is the Magnolia Monroe from Living Spaces which has a velvet, plush headboard and dark wooden base. Everything else is linked in the picture below!


Master Bathroom

Since our house was built in the 1960s, the master bathroom is pretty small and outdated. So our plan is to pretty much gut and renovate it once we save up a bit more, of course. As of right now, there is actually no door from the master bedroom to the bathroom, just a pony wall in-between the two. So firsts things firsts, fill in that pony wall and add a barn door (but not a farmhouse looking one as that won't match the theme of the room/house). After that we plan to upgrade the single vanity to a double vanity + update the fixtures, mirrors, and hardware. Next we want to rip up the large reddish/grey square tiles and put in some moody, dark grey tile to give more of that spa feel. Last, but certainly not least, we also plan to and add some textured tile that goes all the way from the shower floor to the ceiling. Definitely a big undertaking, but excited to make this big renovation in the future.


Well that’s what we’ve got so far! Be sure to stay tuned as we continue to update and reveal each room as well as share inspo and links for the front and back of the house. For our first phase, we decided to focus on our main rooms that we’ll be in the most, so living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. For our guest bedroom, guest bathroom, and our office spaces, we’ll be recycling furniture that we already had and just working on those rooms down the road! We are super excited about what we have planned so far and can't wait to see how it all comes together!!

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