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Las Vegas, NV

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Our itinerary

Day 1:

Sunday morning we left bright and early for the LAX airport and headed to my surprise birthday getaway. We made it all the way to our gate before Alec finally told me we were going to VEGAS BABY!!! Flying during Covid has been all over the place but on this flight there were only about 15 people total and everyone was super spaced out which made us feel super safe. The flight from LAX to Vegas was a little over an hour but before we knew it we had landed in sin city.

Once we hopped off the plane and into an Uber we headed for the Paris Hotel. Alec has been to Las Vegas a couple of times before but had never stayed here so we were both super excited. After we checked in and set our bags down in the room we walked over to the CVS (practically next door) to grab some alcohol and snacks for the room. When we got back to the room we freshened up and headed for the Cosmopolitan Hotel which was about a 10 minute walk. After walking around the casino and taking a picture in front of the famous Chandelier we decided to grab a drink at the Chandelier. I ordered a Spritzfaced and Alec got a Whiskey Business- both were right up our alleys. Now we were feeling ready to gamble! We highly recommend getting cash out ahead of your trip because all the ATMs in the casinos add a $15 charge for using them. (Alec did know to do this ahead of time however he didn’t want to make me suspicious of where we were going lol.) After a few rounds of CRAPS we walked over to Cabo Wabo Cantina for our dinner reservation. We started with a pitcher of the house margs, which was so delish but warning it will give you a pretty bad stomach ache from all the sugar! I ordered the cotija quesadillas, they were to die for, and Alec got an assortment of tacos plus beans and rice, which was also super tasty. We have learned all too well not to go too hard on night one or the second day will be painful, so we hit the hay early on Sunday night with tons of excitement for my birthday the next day!

Day 2:

We woke up pretty early Monday morning ready to…”celebrate good times, come on”! Per Alec’s dad’s rec we had brunch at the best place in town, Hexx (which just so happened to be located in our hotel). We started with bottomless mimosas of course, Alec got just regular oj but i decided to try some of the other juices because why not! For food I ordered the brioche french toast and Alec got farm fresh eggs, which was basically a breakfast sampler. Both meals were super tasty & fueled us well for our busy day ahead. After brunch we walked over to the Bellagio so Alec could play some craps and explored their lobby filled with tons of cute Christmas decor. Next we headed to walk around Casersar palace and see all the shops. Before we got there we made a quick pit stop at the Spanish Steps Bar along the way for some festive drinks. Alec got the Jack Frost and I got the Boy and the Blue, both were super tasty frozen slushies. Once we had walked the whole area and had our window shopping fix, we went back to our hotel for a quick recharge before dinner.

We ate dinner at Trevi, which was located inside of Caesars Palace. I got an Aperol Spritz (my new fave drink) plus Fettuccini Alfredo. Alec ordered a Blue Moon and Margherita Pizza. After finishing our delish dinner we walked around the rest of Caesars Palace before heading to grab some bday drinks at Vanderpump Vegas (I was living my best life). During the beginning of quarantine I started watching Vanderpump Rules on Bravo TV per tons of friends recs and quickly became obsessed. Unfortunately all the Vanderpump bars in LA have been closed since we lived here, so this was our first Vanderpump experience! I ordered a Please Her, Caesar and Alec got a Midnight Oil. Both were super tasty and the atmosphere was glamorous. Once we wrapped up our drinks & paid the bill, we headed to the water fountain outside of the Bellagio to watch the Christmas light show. Afterwards we headed to Beauty & Essex which was the rooftop Bar at the Cosmopolitan. During Christmas time however they turn the rooftop into the cutest Christmas themed ice skating rink. If you know me at all you know I cannot ice skate whatsoever, so for the sake of our marriage & happy trip, we decided to just sit and people watch lol. It was so fun to just relax & enjoy the gorg weather on the rooftop reminiscing on our year and reminding ourselves that there is so much to be grateful for. Once we’d seen enough people eat it ice skating (the rink was not that large & not that smooth), we headed back to our hotel for a quick outfit change for me and then off to the Flamingo to gamble a bit more. Alec played craps of course and I played one slot machine. All Alec could do was lose our money but I came out with $7, so you could say I am the true gambling pro in our relationship ;-) Of course after our long day of gallivanting around Vegas we were exhausted & also slightly hungry. We stopped at the In and Out for some french fries and walked up & down the Linq Promenade. Finally we ended the night with birthday shots (because everyone has to do at least one shot on their bday right?!) & then casually strolled back to our hotel. It was the perfect end to such a fun filled birthday planned by the sweetest husband a girl could ask for!

Day 3:

Bless a late check out with no fees!! We had a slow morning on Tuesday, just spent some time recovering and packing up before checking our bags at the concierge and walking to brunch. We ate the YardBird, which was inside of the Venetian and about a 20 minute walk from our hotel. After our walk we were starved, so we decided to split the Lewellyn’s fine fried chicken plus the southern street corn and it was all AMAZING! Once we wrapped up brunch we had some time to kill so we walked back to our hotel area and stopped by the Beer Park Las Vegas for a quick beer and mimosa. The time finally came for us to say goodbye to sin city. We headed back to the concierge at the Paris hotel to grab our luggage and go back to the airport to head home for our first Christmas in California!


Where to stay

Most of the hotels during this time of year have amazing deals and the Paris Hotel was no exception. Alec was also able to do a contactless check-in through a kiosk which was super easy and safe. Really you can't go wrong with any of the hotels but we highly recommend staying on the Strip because everything was super accessible plus quick and easy to get to.

Other places to stay


Where to eat




*just a heads up right now in las vegas you have to make a reservation to sit down & eat at any restaurant- event if they aren’t full and have open tables. Each place makes it super easy though even, if you just walk up they have a qr code available to scan & make a reservations online.


What to do


the stegalls

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