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Laundry Room Reveal

Overall Laundry Vibe

For our laundry room, we really wanted to take this small, bleak space and turn it into something that was welcoming and a little moody. Since this room is right off of our kitchen + living room, it is a space that is not only used often but highly visible too. It is also the first thing you see when entering in from our garage (which is what Alec and I do) so this quickly became a high priority room for us + was a small area to chew off in terms of labor & cost for decor + supplies.

Since we redid the color (Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams) and texture (to be flat) in our kitchen when we first moved it, more to come on this in another blog post soon, we wanted to give this space a little more texture and color. Additionally, all the walls in our home are pretty textured so instead of sanding down the whole place, we decided in some areas to lean into it more and use it to our advantage.

Laundry Room Area

First things first, before doing any painting, we had to rip out those cabinets and remove the door. The reasoning behind both of these is because they were not functional to us at all + weren't pretty, so why keep them?! Due to the size of our washer + dryer we couldn't shut the door, and since we had to keep it open all the time, it ended up being more in the way + took up usable wall space on the opposite side of the washer + dryer. As for the cabinets, it was a combination of how tall our washer + dryer are along with the fact that the cabinets were too high, so I wasn't able to reach them anyway. Those combinations of things made it a no-brainer to us to remove them both, which helped elevate the space and open it up tremendously. Once Alec removed the set of 3 cabinets and door, we got to work! We first started off by sanding down the walls using a sanding block to remove any extra imperfections, ridges, or large bumps. Where we removed the cabinets, we also had a couple of holes, so Alec had to do some dry wall repair with spackling before we could do any painting.

During the interim of all of this, we also had a roller shade installed in the laundry room window to help with privacy + cool the room down since the sun sets on that side of the house. Of course the window treatment got installed the day before we painted the room so we had to be extra careful but nothing a little blue tape and concentration can't fix. For the window treatments + installation, we actually went through Costco and used Graber which was amazing + a great deal! More details about that process, what we picked + why, and the pricing in our Window Treatments in our home blog post here!

Once all of that was said and done, it was finally time to paint this room! We had been searching for something that would help cover up all the added texture/bumps and help make the space moodier but couldn't find anything until Bree Sheppard shared that she was lime painting a guest bathroom in her new home. We immediately fell in love with this idea and knew we had to do this in the laundry room. After much deliberation, we went with the color Soft Taupe by Color Atelier. This color was the perfect combination of vibey + warm that the small space needed. Lime painting is much different than regular painting but is honestly super easy, just a little more time-consuming and tiring lol. Instead of using a roller or regular paint brush, you need to use a fully synthetic brush and the bigger the better because that will help you cover a larger amount of space in a shorter amount of time. You can find these brushes anywhere and they all range in prices but, we got ours from Amazon (see picture link for details).

As for the technique, it is pretty simple which is super nice too. All you have to do is take your brush and make big X's all across the walls using the large flat part of the brush. This is what gives it that faded, textured look. You can choose to use a lot of paint or a little it really just depends on what style you are looking for in the space you are using the lime paint in. We ended up doing 2 coats in the laundry room to make it a darker and more full. Be warned, when it starts to dry the color appears very different (much lighter and chalkier) but once it fully dries overnight (they recommend 12 hours) it looks much better and like the online examples show.

After doing our second layer on the walls + ceiling, we decided to paint the floor trim and windowsill Onyx by Sherwin Williams to match the window pane. The next day, I went through with a paint scrapper to get the excess paint off of the floor (painting trim is tough lol) which helped clean up the edges and lines to make it look more professional. While I did this, Alec sanded down the rod we use to hang dry clothes. When we bought the house, there was already a rod installed above the window but you could easily use a shower curtain rod too. After taking a closer look we noticed the base wood color perfectly matched the wood color of the floating shelf we purchased from Ikea. We love to see a good, light, natural wood color against some dark, moody paint! Once the rod was fully sanded down, we hung the floating shelf centered above the washer + dryer and put the rod back into place. We really love how the lighter wood pops against the darker taupe wall and brings in an additional element to the room.

Before calling this space complete, we needed to add a few additional decor pieces + laundry room essentials! If you know me well you know I basically hang dry everything so the one rod wasn't going to cut in. We decided to add this beautiful, wooden hook rack on the opposite wall of the washer + dryer for additional hang drying space + to fill the empty wall space. In the back corner of the room we put a tall faux tree to add some greenery to the space + cover some not as pretty looking floor trim (demo girlies don't gate keep their tips and tricks). As for the floating shelf, we wanted to add a few pieces of decor but not too much as the key to this room was simple + minimal. So, we decided to add a diffuser to help keep the room/back entryway smelling clean & fresh along with an inspirational modern sign + a LED lamp. Alec and I are big lamp people and don't love overhead, harsh lights so we knew we had to add in some warm light to this cute little space. Finally, we got a couple of aesthetic laundry room containers for our detergent, bleach, scent beads, and dryer sheets. These 4 items will live on top of the washer + dryer for easy and convenient access. Last but not least, we added a small runner rug to tie the whole room together and make it feel complete!

Honestly might be our new favorite room in the house (or at least mine) but I think we say that every time we redesign, decorate, or remodel a new space ;) Hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to stay tuned for more updates as we keep making this house our home!

xo, the stegalls In case you missed our "laundry room refresh" reel on insta, we have also linked it below, so you can see the full reveal of this new, moody space!

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