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Master Bathroom Reveal

Overall Bathroom Vibe

For our master bathroom, we wanted the colors to really tie into the colors of our master bedroom since as you can tell the two connect without a door. So we really needed these spaces to flow as one because when you walk into the master suite, both are visible at the same time. Since we went with a green vibe in the master bedroom, it was no question that we would do the same thing here, but still wanted to make it feel like its own room too. So instead of dark browns, we leaned more into the black accents with touches of gold and gray. Eventually we plan to completely demo the master bathroom (rip up the tile, repaint the walls, add a door, etc.) but for now we decided to just keep it as is because why fix something if it ain't broke! I think before we even do that step, we would probably consider just getting a new vanity, mirror, and light fixtures to help modernize the area and help it to match the rest of the space. Truthfully, the vanity isn't awful (seller updated it right before we bought the house) but we do wish it was just slightly larger/had 2 sinks. But hey, with some good systems and organizational pieces, you can make anything work like a charm!

Vanity Area

Since the vanity was pretty small, we knew we need organization stat! So I bought 2 packs of these drawer organizers off of Amazon for only $15 a set. I basically used one pack for each drawer on the right side of the vanity. Be sure to check out my insta reel to see how I was able to transform these drawers! Then for the cabinet, we used 2 under sink organizers (which we already had) to create extra space for our hair products and everyday essentials. I've linked several different options for under sink organization below, all ranging in prices and from different stores. Adding under sink drawers is a great way to take advantage of the height in cabinets while also keeping everything neat and tidy. I also always recommend adding labels (especially for those unorganized folks in your life). This helps keep everyone accountable for where things should go and never question what goes where (or at least that's the goal, lol).

Alec and I both like to keep things pretty minimalistic and clean, so we don't like to keep much on the counter. We of course have our knock off Aseop hand soap along with our tall Alexa, so we can listen to music while we shower/get ready. Then on the left side of the sink, we have a ring dish with a small gray lamp. In our almost 4 years of marriage we have discovered that both Alec and I are not big overhead light people and prefer more warming, subtle light, so we have tons of lamps around the house that we use in place of the overhead lights, and our bathroom was no exception! Fortunately, there is a tiny square cut out in the wall between the vanity area and shower area where we keep our toothbrushes and bathroom cups. We love having that feature, so we don't have to keep those things on the counter or store them in the vanity (since it is filled to the max, lol).

Last but certainly not least in this area is the wall behind the vanity. At first, I didn't think anything of it, but as I was getting ready day after day in the master bathroom, I noticed in the mirror the wall behind me was so boring and blah. So one day at Target we found this beautiful painting in an antique gold frame and just had to get it. To go with it and complete the wall we added a XX which helped complete the space perfectly!

Shower Area

As for our shower + toilet area, it is pretty snug, so we tried to find lots of ways to make the space feel bigger & be as functional as possible for us! For the toilet area, we put a floating shelf from Target above to fill in the blank wall space while also add a decorative touch. It is amazing what a picture frame, faux plant, and candle can do to help elevate a space immediately. On top of the back of the toilet, we added a black wire basket for overstock toilet paper + Poopori to help keep necessary items in reach but make it look cute!

Across from the toilet, we added this accordion style hook rack from Target for our sage colored Casaluna towels with a corky black and white bath mat from Urban Outfitters underneath ;) We used a matte black shower curtain rod along with matching black hooks to hold the shower curtain liner and sage green shower curtain up, all of which are from Target.

As for our shower, it is extremely small which is no problem at all, just made our creative juices flow a bit more when strategizing how to make this space functional and organized. We don't have any sort of ledge to put all of our shower supplies on, so we decided to get this suction cup corner basket to hold everything, so we didn't have to constantly bend down to pick everything up. So far it seems to hold steady + can bear quite a bit of weight, so we would highly recommend! It even comes with 2 hooks to hang loofahs + scrubbers on. P.S. adding eucalyptus to your shower not only gives it a fresh scent + vibey look, but also helps reduce stress and clear your sinuses!

More to come in the future as we might do a bit of a remodel, but for now we are just enjoying this cute little space that is all decorated and organized too! Here's our inspo for when we do decide to do more of a remodel in this space...


the stegalls

P.S. be sure to stay tuned for my insta reel on how I organized and transformed our bathroom vanity area to be aesthetic + functional!

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