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Mykonos, Greece

June 2022 | Our itinerary

Day 1:

Monday night our ferry from Athens to Mykonos arrived around 9pm. To read all about our trip to Athens, hear about our ferry ride over, + so much more, check out this blog post with all the details.

Once we got off the ferry our shuttle driver from the Vencia Hotel was waiting for us (with one of those cute signs with our last name on it, making us feel oh so special). The port was about a 20 minute drive from the hotel give or take the time of day + traffic. *Travel tip- we highly recommend going to Greece in late April-early June and then not again until mid September-early November. All of the locals told us how over crowded and hot it is in July-August which can make wait times and prices go way up and availability + goods go way down.*

After getting to our hotel & going through the check-in process, we freshened up then headed to Mykonos Town (which is like their downtown area). This is also the infamous restaurant area with all the white buildings right on the water with the windmills in the distance. Even at night it’s as beautiful as you could imagine. As we wandered up and down the well lit and popping streets, we stopped to grab a quick bite to eat at Aglio Olio Mykonos. That’s one thing we learned super quickly about Mykonos, everything stays open all night long! We didn’t get to “dinner” until 11:30pm and there were still tons of people eating + out and about. After ordering some wine, Alec got the margarita pizza and I ordered the orzo. Both of our meals were super good and we just kept taking in the views + vibes.

Once we wrapped up at dinner (around 12:30am) we decided to do as the locals do and hit the town. We had asked our driver + hotel concierge for some recommendations on places to go out at and the list was endless! Be sure to check out the “drinks & desserts” section under where to eat for all the recs + links. The first bar we went to was Baos Cocktail Bar which was right on the water with a view of the windmills. The drinks were $$$ but the atmosphere and location were everything. We ended up finding a table out back overlooking the waves crashing on the sand while soaking in every second of this unforgettable trip. After we finished our drinks here, we decided we wanted to go to one more bar before calling it a night. Totally forgot the name of the place but honestly we recommend just finding any bar that is popping and playing music you like, they are pretty much all the same. Once 3am hit we knew we needed to head back to catch some z’s. After a 15 minute walk we had made it to our super cute hotel and called it a night! P.S. no one wears heels (my first big mistake) even when going out. Highly recommend sandals or sneakers, trust me, you’ll thank me later!!


Day 2:

Tuesday morning was a slow start to the day as you could imagine! Staying up until 3am is not for the faint of heart. Once we were finally ready to get up and at ‘em for the day we made our way to the complimentary breakfast buffet at our hotel. When I say this breakfast gave us life you truly have no idea how serious I am being. It was truly what all of my Greek foodie dreams were made of. With tons of fresh fruit, a wide variety of cheese, and the best fried tomatoes I’ve ever had, we could have just eaten there all day and been perfectly happy.

After breakfast, our lovely hotel arranged for a taxi to pick us up to take us to the dock where our sailing excursion started. It was about a 15 minute ride and we paid 30 Euro (definitely more expensive than when we were in Spain but still not too bad).

Once on board, we grabbed some lounge seats at the front of the boat to get our tan on while we set sail. The first stop was to Delos island. You could get off here and take a tour of the island but it was super hot and not shady at all, so we decided to stay on board to go to the first snorkel spot. When I tell you it was the clearest water I’ve ever seen, I’m not kidding. As many of you know I can sometimes freak out when it comes to snorkeling because I have a huge fear of sharks but I honestly was totally fine here because you could see for miles. Unfortunately there weren’t really any reefs so therefore no fish in this area but it was fun to just jump in and splash around. The water was definitely very “refreshing” as people like to say but once you got in and got moving it felt amazing!

We spent about an hour snorkeling in the first location, before hopping back on the boat to go pick up the rest of the people who decided to tour Delos. Once we scooped them all up, we headed to the second snorkel location which was close to a beach. We quickly lathered up in more sunscreen then jumped right in and swam for shore. It was so fun getting to hangout on the beach and just relax watching the small waves crash while we sat in the sand. We spent another hour here then they summoned everyone back onto the boat for a fresh, authentic Greek lunch. Honestly this day was filled with some of our favorite meals ever because it was all to die for. They let us serve ourselves buffet style getting to try all sorts of different local favorites before driving the boat back to the dock. Fortunately we planned ahead and scheduled a pick-up with our same taxi driver to bring us back to our hotel after spending an amazing day out in the sea.

Once we got back to our hotel, we quickly headed for the beautiful infinity pool that overlooked Mykonos Town + the ocean. The poolside bar & restaurant had the perfect combination of classic + local drinks with great service and immaculate vibes. After enjoying our tasty drinks, getting as much vitamin d, and splashing all around, we walked back to our room to freshen up before dinner.

We ended up just eating at the hotel restaurant, Karavaki Restaurant. After having the best espresso martinis of our lives, we ordered the burrata as our appetizer. While sipping on our cocktails, reminiscing on our trip, and watching the most beautiful sunset, we couldn’t help but feel so incredibly grateful for this trip & getting to travel the world with each other.

Once the sun went down, we ordered our main course meals. Alec got the steak and potatoes and I got the house special pasta. After we finished our meals they brought us some Mastika to drink as a dessert (p.s. this is alcoholic). This is a traditional Greek digestive to enjoy after your meal. The taste is pretty strong and wasn’t our favorite but sometimes you gotta do as the locals! Also a huge shoutout to all the servers/workers at the restaurant + hotel. After only 2 days literally all of the staff knew our names, our drinks orders, and our preferences. They truly made us feel like members of their family and like we were right at home. We felt so blessed to get to visit this beautiful place and get to know each of them throughout our stay.


Day 3:

Wednesday morning we were so sad to be packing up and leaving Mykonos already. Don’t get me wrong we were super excited to be going to Santorini but it honestly had big shoes to fill because we loved everything about this fun, lively city. *Looking back we probably would have stayed one more day here just to be able to go out one last night and see a little more of the island but it all just really depends on what you’re going for. Mykonos is definitely more nightlife focused + being on the go whereas Santorini is more about relaxing and unwinding.*

After we finished packing the essentials we walked over to our hotel restaurant to enjoy one last breakfast with the breathtaking view. We both got a little bit of everything but of course included some fried tomatoes, feta, and mini waffles. Once we finished eating, we checked out and dropped our bags off at the front desk so we could go explore a bit more before it was time to head to the port.

Boy was it crowded in Mykonos Town that morning. There were a ton of cruise ships that had just docked so the little town was flooded with tour groups of people. It was pretty hard to walk through the streets because they are so narrow but if you know me well, circa Disney Brittany, you know I can duck, dodge, & dive through a crowd of people no problem. Alec on the other hand has a harder time, due to his height, so we did the best we could to get through the tour groups politely & make our way to the Windmills of Mykonos. Ironically. they actually don’t spin like you would expect but they were super cool to see in person!

After snagging a few pictures we decided to head back to Little Venice to do a little shopping. Again it was super hot here but luckily much more shaded than all of the other places we had been in the past 2 weeks so we were grateful for that. Once we got all the souvenirs we needed, we decided to cool off with a little gelato from Kayak Pure Magic before heading back to our hotel to catch our complimentary ride to the port to head to our 3 and final Greece destination!


When looking at areas to stay in we highly recommend staying in Mykonos Town. This area is close to all of the fun restaurants & bars + makes you feel more like a local! It is within walking distance to just about everything you would want to see and do on this beautiful island.

During our time in Mykonos, Greece, we stayed at the Vencia Hotel. When I tell you this was hands down the best hotel we have ever been to, I truly mean it. From the second we stepped foot into the hotel we were in awe of the perfect location, incredible + friendly staff, & the modern boho vibe.

On top of all of that, the included breakfast buffet was to die for with the most authentic, fresh Greek food we had the entire trip. (p.s. try their fried tomatoes, you won't be disappointed!) All of the staff were amazing, helping us with accommodations, teaching us about Greek culture + history, and serving us hand and foot. We have never experienced a more hospitable stay anywhere else!

Additionally they did have an included shuttle service which was super nice to use when traveling further distances or late at night. Their pool area was immaculate with a pool bar that served food & drinks right to your seat. Overall couldn’t recommend this place more if we tried!!

The Vencia Hotel has lots of different options when it comes to rooms. They have 13 different types of rooms and suites for all sorts of price ranges and varying views. We stayed in the standard sea view room which had a view overlooking the pool which overlooked Mykonos Town and the crystal clear ocean. It was the perfect amount of space for the two of us with a super cool walk-in shower that had the shower head coming down from the ceiling. (Huge bonus points for Alec since he’s so tall lol!)


How to get around/in-between the islands


You can absolutely travel from Greek island to island by plane but it can get a little pricey since the airports are pretty small and don’t offer a lot of flight times. So we only flew from Barcelona to Athens and then took a ferry from Athens to Mykonos because of that.


Another easy way to travel between the Greek islands is by boat. Flights between Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini were more expensive than we had hoped, so we decided to see what other options we had to island hop. After doing our fair share of research we came across Blue Star Ferries. This was a little bit slower of a route for us to travel but it was much more affordable. There are tons of ferry options (sizes and times) but be sure to book in advance as they do tend to sell out quickly! Another thing to note about ferry rides is the shorter the ride the higher the cost. We ended up only paying $70 total for our ferry ride from Athens to Mykonos; however it was a 5 hour ride with multiple stops. All just depends on what you’re looking for and the timing of your trip.


Once you get on the islands, the best way to get around the cities is by taxi (especially if your hotel doesn’t have a shuttle service). It is a little harder to get taxis in the cities so I would definitely check with your hotel concierge or front desk to see how they can help. Most of the time they will offer to schedule them ahead of time for you to ensure they are prompt and timely.

In terms of paying, most accept cash or card but definitely prefer cash. Our taxi rides were all around 30 minutes or less so we paid about 10-30 euro just depending on how far we were going. Honestly most of the time the amount of time was equivalent to the amount we paid. Most of the drivers speak little English but enough to be able to communicate the basics (where you are going, cash vs card, costs, etc.). As a reminder Europe is much different than the U.S. when it comes to tipping. It’s definitely not required or even really encouraged unless it was the best service of your life or you’re just feeling extra generous!


Breakfast at Karavaki Restaurant











Drinks & Desserts




Paradise Beach (Tropicana Beach bar)

Paraga Beach (Scorpios)

Pasaji Beach (chill vibes)

Ornos Beach (chill vibes)

Places to visit:


Check out tons of tasting & tours here!

Things to do:

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