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New Braunfels, TX

Updated: Sep 15, 2023


Our itinerary

Day 1:

For my bachelorette we decided to celebrate in New Braunfels, Texas which is a little less than 3 hours away. Since my bridal party was a mix of girls in school & working full time, everyone arrived later in the evening. Once we got there & settled in, we enjoyed a delicious Chick-fil-a nugget tray with tons of snacks & candy. After we finished eating & catching up we played some drinking + bach games before heading to bed. We wanted to get plenty of rest before the final fling weekend!!

Day 2:

Saturday morning we woke up pretty early and headed to take our hot yoga class at Gypsy Yoga. And man did we realize they don’t call it hot yoga for nothing! By the time class ended we were all sweaty messes & probs didn’t smell that great either lol. I’ll save all of us from the after picture we took because my face could not have been any redder and my hair more disheveled. As the class was ending the instructor looked specifically at our bridal party & warned us of the effects of drinking heavily after sweating so much. We all couldn't help but stumble out of our downward dog position & die laughing, boy were we in for a treat!

Once the class was over we hopped in the car & headed back for our Airbnb. After we all got ready, we headed for brunch at Buttermilk Cafe. We started off with mimosas because who can really resist?! For food, everyone ordered a variety of different things & nothing disappointed. Once brunch was done we were ready to hit the town! Our first stop was a wine tasting at The Grapevine. They had tons of great wines to choose from + an awesome outdoor patio with live music throughout the day.

After our tasting we walked around the downtown area to see all the unique boutiques and do some shopping. We also got to walk through Gruene Hall which is the oldest dance hall in Texas. Of course we couldn't help but stop & grab some delicious ice cream from Rhea’s Ice Cream before heading back to the Airbnb for a quick power nap to help us all rally.

After everyone got ready in their gatsby themed outfits, we went to eat dinner at Cantina del Rio. I started with a delicious flight of fruity margs + the enchilada plate for dinner. Once we wrapped things up at the mexican restaurant we went back to our cute Airbnb for some pregaming and pictures.

Cue “Let’s Go Girls” by Shania Twain. After we finished prepping for the rest of the evening, we headed back to the downtown area so we could do some bar hopping. We started at Moonshine & Ale then finished the night at Pour Haus. We all loved the first bar, it was huge and had the best live music + stage. It was very similar to Pete’s Piano Bar & was so entertaining. Pour Haus was super fun too, way more outdoorsy + tons of yard games to play. After a long night out with my girls, we were exhausted and needed our beauty sleep so we Ubered back to the Airbnb & all went right to sleep.

Day 3:

The last morning is always the hardest to get up, pack up, & clean up. Once we finally finished all of that, we went to grab a quick breakfast at Gruene Coffee Haus. The perfect pick me up before we all said our goodbyes and headed back home.

Seriously wish I could relive that weekend over & over again with my best girls from all walks of life. Each of them hold such a special place in my heart and I couldn’t have imagined my big day without them by my side. What do y’all say, reunion trip soon?


Where to stay

Our cute little Airbnb was one of 4 cottages on the property. All of them were adorably decorated & super quaint. In the common area outside they had two fire pits with chairs all around, perfect for making smores & mems. There were string lights hanging all throughout the property which helped make it feel very safe & keep it very well lit, especially in the evenings. It was the perfect central location from all the activities around town and made for a cozy weekend with my girls!

Other places to stay 


Where to eat


Dinner & Dessert




What to do


the stegalls

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