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Napa + San Fransisco, CA

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Our itinerary

Day 1:

Alec and I flew from Lax to the San Francisco airport Thursday evening after a full day of work. My friend, Jamie who has been one of my closest friends since 5th grade, picked us up and drove us to her new home in Napa. It took about an hour from the airport to her place. When we arrived there we decided to unpack our bags & enjoy some claws before heading to bed.

Day 2:

Friday morning we woke up to a lovely homemade brunch by my friend and her roommates before heading to our first tasting of the day. Jamie had made 2 reservations for us for the day which I highly recommend doing, especially with the pandemic. Right now they only require reservations during the weekend but encourage them throughout the week.

Once everyone was dressed and ready we hopped in an Uber and headed to our 11 am reservation at V. Sattui Winery. We checked in at the front desk before heading back to the tasting room. Of course there were arrows & dots all on the floors to help with social

distancing as well as plexiglass dividers. During the tasting we got to sample 6 different wines of our choice. Alec and I both tried 3 reds and 3 whites. My favorite was the 2019 Gamay Rouge and Alec's favorite was the...This winery had a more casual feel with the stand up bar tasting with more people walking around and mingling about. After we were all finished we headed out to the picnic grounds in the center of the winery to enjoy some lunch. Since it was a holiday weekend the food truck was open however it is normally only open on Saturdays and Sundays. Alec and I split a margarita pizza and it was so delish! Our friends also got a pepperoni pizza and the tri tip sandwich and loved them too.

The next reservation we had was at Freemark Abbey Winery at 3 pm which turned out to be perfect timing. I also highly recommend spacing out your reservations to give yourself ample time to enjoy each one. So all the girls hopped in another Uber to head to our next tasting, which was only about 10 minutes away, while the boys headed to golf at the Napa Golf Course. During this tasting we got to try 8 different wines, 2 whites then 6 reds. I loved the 2016 Cabernet Bosche and the 2016 Josephine Red. This winery definitely had a more intimate feel with the sit down tasting at our own private table. Also all of the employees were SO nice here and Gary was the sweetest server.

Once we were finished we headed back to the house for a quick change then headed to Gotts for dinner. You walk up to the counter to order and then they bring out the food to your table. I got the bacon burger and Alec got the California burger and of course we got an order of garlic fries to share too! Everything was to die for and the restaurant was adorable, kind of like an upscale diner with all outdoor seating. Afterwards we headed back to the house to do some final prepping for the 4th before heading to bed early.

Day 3:

Saturday morning was quite the early start to the day! We got up around 6 am to do some last minute prepping for our full day on the lake. We had sandwiches, and chips, and white claws...oh my! At 7 am our Uber drivers arrived and we loaded the cars down with all our stuff. We rented a boat through Pleasure Cove Marina at Lake Berryessa which is one of the prettiest lakes I have ever been on. Disclaimer the ride from Napa to the lake is not for the faint of heart. It is about a 40 minute drive and the roads are extremely windy which made everyone car sick Luckily once we got there everyone started to feel better right away though. I would also highly recommend scheduling an Uber back home prior to getting to the lake. The service isn't great and most Ubers don't come around that area unless they have prearranged plans. Once everyone arrived and we all signed the boat rental waivers, we hopped on and had a great day celebrating the 4th of July. The weather was beautiful and the water felt so refreshing! We had the boat from 8 am until 4 pm but had to be back by 4 o'clock or we would get charged a fee. So we headed back to the dock around 3:30, unloaded our stuff off the boat, and headed back for Napa. The ride back surprisingly wasn't as bad as the right there and we were all very thankful for that! Once everyone got back we had a tasty backyard BBQ with all the typical 4th of July foods. The rest of the night we just played games and chatted with new and old friends before heading to bed after a long day.

Day 4:

On Sunday morning we decided to take it slow. We were all exhausted from our lake day and just a little sunburnt (it's inevitable when you're redheads & fair skinned). Eventually we got ready, packed our bags, and said goodbye to our new friends. Jamie, Alec, and I headed to the city for a day full of sightseeing. We first stopped at Brewed for a quick pick me up before hitting the road. Once we got to the city, we ate at Sweet Maple, one of my favorite brunch places of all time. I highly recommend their bottomless sweet mimosas but sadly after our day Saturday, we couldn't hang and just stuck to coffee to keep reviving us.

Of course we started with the millionaire bacon, which was to die for and I'm picky about my bacon! Alec ordered the Swine Morning Pizza and I got the Chicken Rancheros, both were so tasty. We got lucky with our parking spot, so after we paid the bill we just crossed the street to our car to start exploring the city. Random site note about parking but be sure you pay attention to all the signs and rules. If you park going uphill turn your wheels away from the curb and if you park going downhill turn your wheels towards the curb. This helps to ensure no cars roll!

Baker's Beach is a secret beach with a beautiful view of the bridge. It is a steep hill to trek down and the steps are covered in sand which made it a little slippery too but def worth it.

Also probably not for the kiddos, because to our surprise it was a nude beach but hey, to each its own! After taking quite a few pics (sorry Alec) we headed back for the car and for some tasty gelato. Alec got lemon and raspberry mixed and I got raspberry and mango mixed. Both were super refreshing and tasty!

We enjoyed our ice cream sitting at Washington Square Park which was right around the corner. Afterwards we walked to Chinatown and Little Italy to explore and enjoy the beautiful day. And before we knew it, sadly it was time to head to the airport and come back home. The drive from the city to the airport was only about 25 minutes, which made for perfect timing. We said our goodbyes and then headed inside to the nicest airport we've ever been to.

We had such a fun weekend with friends and definitely recommend visiting Napa and San Francisco in one trip! Their locations make it super easy to see both without rushing or missing any of the must see things. Also huge shoutout to my bestie for helping plan such an adventurous weekend!!


Where to stay

We ended up getting to stay with my friend Jamie and her roommates in their new house in Napa Proper however there are tons of great options for housing for the weekend. There are a lot of super cute Airbnbs or Vrbos in the area, as well as chain hotels. I'll link a few of my faves for you to check out!



Hotels: Napa San Francisco


Where to eat






Westwood area (drinks)





Gelato Classico Italian Ice Cream


What to do

Alcatraz (I've never been but have always been told it's a must see)

*be sure to check my Napa/San Francisco insta story for geotags for specific locations of where we went if needed!


the stegalls

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