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Our Neutral Western Desert Nursery Reveal

When we first started envisioning our baby boy's nursery, we wanted it to feel warm, classic, and true to who we are. As the room started coming together piece by piece, we found ourselves falling in love with the overall desert, western vibe and aesthetic, so that's exactly what we did!

One of the first things we started to do once we found out we were pregnant, was start to imagine what our baby's nursery would look like. Of course I immediately created a Pinterest board and quickly became obsessed with this Namesake Abigail Brass Vintage-Style Crib. I just knew it would be the perfect addition to the nursery bringing in that old world charm of an antique with all the best safety features of modern day! Since we wanted the nursery to have neutral tones with touches of wam hues, we went with this Cottonwood Plaid Wool Rug to help tie in that western charm. Of course we also got the Newton Baby Mattress and Muslin Crib Sheets (in many different colors), which are two of the most highly recommended baby products on the market right now. In the corner of the nursery (by his closet door) we also have a White Seagrass Hamper With Lid from the Container Store for all of his dirty laundry. Everyone said be sure to get him his own hamper (because although he will be small, he will have more laundry than Alec and I combined) with a lid to help block out any extra smelly clothes.

When we bought the house there was already a chair rail installed on the back wall that we knew we wanted to keep. After much deliberation (and 2 paint colors lately) we finally decided on Waterloo by Sherwin Williams for the bottom half of the wall, leaving the top half Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams. Since the top half and the rest of the walls + ceiling were that warm white color, we knew we needed to add a big, colorful piece of artwork to the top part of the back wall above the crib. This would also be the focal point of the nursery and the first thing you see when you walk by his room, so we really wanted this piece to stand out. After lots of research and online shopping, we finally found the perfect tapestry from Hangout Home. The Desert Cactus Tapestry was the perfect piece to tie in that desert look with the best color hues that matched the overall vibe of the room. This tapestry comes in many different sizes as well as plenty of options for the wood trim stain. To match the overall vibe and theme of the room, we wanted to stick with a darker, walnut wood trim so that's exactly what we did.

Knowing the importance of reading to your child from a very early age, we knew we wanted to add in some book shelves along with all of our favorite childhood books. We ended up getting 3 of these Mosslanda Picture Ledge shelves in walnut to hang. They are the perfect depth to place about 10-15 books on with a little lip on the edge to keep the books from sliding right off. We decided to use the bottom 2 for baby books and the top 1 more for decor. In the little book nook area, we also added this beautiful, antique looking Arstid Floor Lamp from Ikea. It has the perfect worn gold metal base, that perfectly matches the crib, with a stunning, pleated lamp shade. It's honestly the dream lamp for all of my vintage lovers + comes at a great price point! Also on the floor in that corner is a rustic, wooden rocking horse from my childhood along with a Cube Vintage French Basket for extra blankets and lovies. As many of you may already know, I am obsessed with velvet curtains. If you've read some of our other blog posts with our house updates/room reveals you already know that we have velvet curtains in 3 other rooms in our home. So of course when it came to the curtains in his nursery, we just had to do the same. We ended up going with the Cotton Velvet Blackout Curtains from West Elm in shade Alabaster (just like the ones we have in our living room). For the curtain rod we just kept the one we already had installed in the room when we first moved in which is the Dauntless Curtain Rod from Target in matte black.

On the other side of our luxurious, velvet curtains is where we placed our rocking chair. We are so grateful that Alec's parents had this blue rocker in their storage unit for us to borrow for baby boy. I've linked a similar one here in case you're in the market for a blue rocking chair. On the chair we also added a simple white throw pillow along with a cream knit blanket. Also in this corner is where we hung these 2 beautiful wooden picture frames from Pottery Barn that have black and white abstract cactus looking details. We actually thrifted these frames from a local antique shop in Dallas called Lulu B's but linked similar ones here for you too. After hanging the frames we still felt like there was something missing in the corner of the room. So after much deliberation, we finally decided to get this Artificial Ficus Tree from Target to help fill in the blank space as well as this adorable cloud light from Ikea. With an easy on/off switch, this light would serve as the perfect night light for bedtime feeding, changing, or when he gets a little older too.

One of the first things we actually got for the nursery (which was the guest room at the time of purchase) was the dresser/changing table. We thrifted this 9 drawer dresser from Facebook Marketplace and just switched out the handles to these antique brass drawer pulls to better match the overall aesthetic of the nursery. Here is a link to a similar dresser to the one we purchased but honestly, we could not more highly recommend checking out FB Marketplace or OfferUp for some of these bigger ticket furniture items to help save a little extra cash. Tucked kind of behind the rocking chair on the side of the dresser/changing table is where we placed our Ubbi Diaper Pale. Everyone swears by this diaper trash can saying that when it is shut you can't smell a thing, so of course we had to add that to the registry. On top of the dresser we placed our Hatch Grow Changing Pad, Hatch Sound Machine, and Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer. All sweet gifts from family + friends and highly recommended baby products. Additionally, we put my dad's baby cowboy boots and another small cactus plant on the other end of the dresser/changing table for some western decorative pieces. Above the dresser/changing table, we hung a large Round Gold Wall Mirror from Target to complete this area.

For the final empty wall in his nursery (between the main door and closet door) we decided to do a small western themed gallery wall. When creating this gallery, we wanted to use very important, sentimental pieces that really meant a lot to us. We started off by hanging Alec's straw cowboy hat using a metal hook in matte black from Target. This cowboy hat was actually the one we bought for Alec when we went to Fredericksburg last summer right before finding our first home. That was such a special weekend getaway trip getting to explore the Texas wine country together so it only felt right to hang his hat in here. Next up was this beautiful Mark Maggiori painting that Alec received as a gift from his sister last Christmas. This is Alec's favorite artist who is best known for making stunning watercolor western paintings. When we got the painting we put it in this wooden frame from H&M that just so happen to perfectly match the rest of the wooden elements throughout the room. Last but not least we added a western black and white pendent with his name on it (which we will share once he's born).

Overall all of the colors, textures, & patterns really helped tie the room altogether making it the perfect neutral desert style, western nursery! Plus, we loved getting to add in so many antique/sentimental pieces to this space that really reminded of us our childhoods/family members.


The Stegalls

Be sure to check out our Instagram reel here to see the nursery details up close!

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