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Southern California

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Where to stay

Hotel Hermosa is the hotel we stayed at when we visited California back in December 2019 to figure out where we were going to live when we made the big move! This is seriously the cutest boutique hotel with great views & super friendly staff. We highly recommend it if you’re in the area! Another hotel recommended to us was Beach House Hotel Hermosa. We have never personally stayed there but have heard amazing things about it as well!


Where to eat


Hi-Fi Espresso (multiple locations)

Yellow Vase (multiple locations)


Good Stuff Restaurant (multiple locations)

Lemonade (multiple locations)

Rockefeller (multiple locations)

Dinner & Drinks

Hennessey’s Tavern (multiple locations)

Little Simmzy’s (multiple locations)

Rebel Republic Social House (multiple locations)

The Bottle Inn (multiple locations)



What to do

*be sure to check my so cal insta story for geotags for specific locations of where we went if needed! we will also be adding to this blog post as we continue to explore our new home, so make sure to keep checking it out for more updates.


the stegalls

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