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Santorini, Greece

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

June 2022 | Our itinerary

Day 1:

After hopping off our Blue Star Ferry on Thursday late afternoon, which was about a 3 hour ride from Mykonos, we grabbed our hotel shuttle service van and headed for Santorini Princess Spa Hotel. The ride from the port to our hotel was about 30 minutes but the driver was fantastic. Like most Greek islands, they really only have 1 way roads all around the island so sometimes when there is a lot of traffic it can get a bit backed up. After our super quick & easy check-in process we got a tour of the grounds before being walked to our room. The property was super gorgeous, located on the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean. Once we made it to our room we were exhausted + super hungry so we decided to just eat at the hotel restaurant.

We got to have the most romantic dinner with the best view in the house while we got the restaurant all to ourselves. We literally felt like famous people who rented out the whole place, it was so cool! After enjoying some apps and pasta, we finished our drinks overlooking the pool & ocean while watching the breathtaking sunset. Once the sun had completely set, we went back to our room and called the front desk about renting an ATV. With how expensive taxis were (30 euros one way) we decided it would be best to just rent something for 100 euros total. Luckily they were able to arrange a rental drop off super quick & we were able to get it that night.

After filling out the paperwork and listening to all of the instructions about our ATV, we were ready to take our new wheels for a ride. We decided to drive over to Ftelos Brewery to take a tour and try some local brews. It was only about a 10 minute drive and worth every second. If you like beer, or even if you don’t, this place is a must! It offers a great vibe, the friendliest and most well-informed staff, with one of the best tastings we have ever had. Even when we arrived close to closing time, they were still super excited to welcome us in and let us do the full tasting. Needless to say we had the best experience and loved getting to try a variety of local beers paired with complimenting snacks.


Day 2:

Thursday morning we woke up and enjoyed the complimentary breakfast buffet at our hotel. They had a wide variety of options to choose from with a build your own omelet station too! What we loved the most was the authentic Greek options but they had tons of American breakfast food items too. After eating to our heart’s desires, we packed up, and headed over to Fira Square.

It was only about a 9 minute drive to the next town over but pretty busy which made parking a bit difficult. Once we finally found a spot, we decided to wander around, popping in and out of cute, local shops and exploring the area. After picking up some souvenirs, we stopped at Select Beer & Wine house to grab a quick drink + snack. Once we had our fix of exploring the town, we got back on the ATV and headed to Perissa Beach.

This was on the opposite side of the island but was very popular and well known for its black sand beach. After a 20 minute ride we arrived at the beach and decided to go to Forty One. Here, we were able to get 2 day beds & an umbrella for the day for 50 euros which included 2 free drinks + a bottle of water. It was the perfect set-up for a beautiful beach day with some sun, some shade, and lots of sunscreen! For an app we got the hummus trio platter with pita bread and then for lunch I ordered the chicken bao buns and Alec had some fresh sushi. All of it was very good + our drinks were refreshing & satisfying. After spending about 3 hours going back and forth from our lounge beds to the very “refreshing” water we were ready to head back to our hotel. Once we closed our tab (which was so cheap) we hopped back on our ATV for a 30 minute drive back to Santorini Princess.

We got back a little before 5pm which was great because it allowed us some time to freshen up & chill before dinner. Since we were eating in Oia (and were told parking is difficult) we arranged to be dropped off & picked up by our hotel shuttle service. It took about 20 minutes to get to Amoudi Bay but a majority of the drive just took a while due to traffic in Oia. During this time of year there are just a lot more tourists + a ton of cruises/boat excursions in the area that make it more crowded however, it is still totally worth it to see in person!

*Pro-tip use your resources people! We had our hotel book this reservation for us the day before and they were able to get us the best seat in the house at no additional charge. When we looked to make the reservation online they were going to charge us. So this is your sign to ask for help when planning & booking, there is no shame in that + it’s what they are there for and they love it!* Since there was a lot of traffic and we were running a little late (I know shocker because us Stegalls are always on time ;)) we had the driver drop us off at the top of the hill to avoid traffic and we just walked down to the bay and checked in for our reservation at Ammoudi Tavern. This is definitely a very popular spot and in an area you probably see all the time on social media and boy is it worth it! Basically a beautiful 180 degree view of a gorgeous sunset over the water with the beautiful mountains behind you where the cute little town is located at the base by the bay. Seriously, I couldn't recommend the area enough!

After starting off with some champagne, I ordered the gnocchi and Alec got the sea bass. So we made a couple of rookie mistakes here but all in all it was good. The gnocchi, hands down amazing! It had a little kick to it but was the perfect balance of spicy + savory. Alec’s sea bass was ok, what he really wanted they had already run out of (apparently that is pretty common since all the fish they serve is caught fresh that day) so this was his second option. Secondly the sea bass was really meant to be shared by 2 people so it was way too much food for him and the server thought he didn’t like it but in reality we just didn’t realize it was that large of a serving. Thirdly, it is bone in so he also had to pick out all the tiny bones before/while eating it so the process was a lot. Luckily he liked my gnocchi a lot too and I'm good at sharing food ;) After we finished up and paid our tab, we walked through Amoudi Bay to see all the other restaurants and take in the gorgeous views. Even at night it was breathtaking seeing all of the lights reflect on the water and light up the cliff perfectly!


Day 3:

On Friday morning we took it nice and slow. Really soaking all of Santorini in and enjoying our last full day on this beautiful island. After enjoying our complimentary buffet breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant, we headed for the Santorini Princess Spa. This is now one of Alec and I’s favorite things to do on a vacation! Super sweet and romantic while also relaxing and so good for you. We picked the couples massage which included a chocolate scented body scrub, refreshing rinse, sauna, full body massage, and thai foot or scalp massage. It was seriously the best 2 hours of our lives just treating ourselves and getting to relax together.

After our massages, we headed back to our room to freshen up before driving to Oia for lunch. It was only about a 15 minute ATV ride before we made it to the main downtown area. Once we parked the ATV we walked over to pick a spot for lunch. Just like every other place we visited, it is highly recommended to just find a restaurant for lunch that is busy and grab a table, so that’s exactly what we did. We ended up eating at a restaurant called Tabepna and it was amazing. The food and drinks were super fresh, tasty, and authentic making us truly feel like locals. We both got local Greek food and couldn’t have been more pleased. Service was kind of on the slower side but we didn’t mind at all. I think as long as you go into every meal realizing they do things differently and like to take their time, you won’t be frustrated or upset. And if you are just look out at the beautiful water and remember to relax because you’re on vacation from the hustle and bustle of your busy life…you deserve a break!

Once we finished lunch, we decided to walk around Oia to take some pictures, see the famous Blue Domes, and do some shopping. Like many of you have probably seen on social media, it is crowded. So just be prepared to wait in line for “popular” picture areas and walk very close to people on their small streets. Overall it was gorgeous seeing all of the white buildings with blue domes + so many other unique areas while just wandering up and down the streets. We had the best time exploring the city and popping into as many local shops as we could. After spending about 2 hours in Oia, we decided to hop back on our ATV to hit up our hotel pool for the rest of the afternoon. It was super warm in Santorini so be sure to pack that sunscreen, bring a hat, and cool off in a pool or the ocean as much as you can!

After enjoying some much needed pool time, we headed back to our room to get ready for dinner. Originally we had planned to go to Oia for dinner but since we went there during the day we decided to try a new city. Also at night/sunset it is very crowded in Oia so it makes it much harder to get a ride/reservation. Our hotel recommended and made a reservation for us at Aegean Restaurant, which is in Imerovigli about 15 minutes from our hotel in the opposite direction of Oia. That was another amazing thing we loved about our hotel was all of the connections they had throughout the island. They were able to call last minute and make amazing reservations for us with killer views that we would have never been able to if we just called on our own.

Once we finally found a parking spot for our ATV, we walked over to the restaurant very slowly because I didn’t take my own advice and wore heels! Walking on that cobble stone was hard work ladies and gents but we finally made it just in time for the most gorgeous sunset overlooking Oia & the sea. After enjoying a 2 hour long dinner chit chatting about our highs and lows from the trip, we couldn’t resist their blueberry cheesecake for dessert. Once we ate every last bite of our dessert (and Alec practically licked the plate clean) we wandered back to our ATV to drive back to our hotel. After finishing up packing the last of our things, we decided to head to the pool by the restaurant to enjoy some drinks overlooking the island one last time. Ironically enough there was a wedding up the road so we got to enjoy a romantic fireworks show while sipping on espresso martinis to cap off a perfect week in Greece.


Day 4:

Saturday morning we flew from Santorini, with a layover in Athens, to Barcelona to start our journey back home! Our hotel was so sweet and arranged a quick & easy breakfast for us to enjoy before our departure. They also helped us decide what time to leave for the airport and had the driver at our doorstep ready to grab our bags and drop us off bright and early. Definitely was above and beyond what we expected and at the end of our 3 week long vacation, we couldn't have been more grateful!


This is the hotel we stayed at during our relaxing and romantic trip to Santorini. It was located in between Fira and Oia which gave it a much quieter & calmer vibe. To get to any of the “main” cities it took anywhere between 15-30 minutes (depending on traffic). If you don’t plan to stay in Fira or Oia, we would highly recommend renting an ATV for your stay. This just makes it easier to get around the island while not having to wait for taxis because in the summer it is very crowded.

Our hotel sat right on top of a gorgeous cliff overlooking the ocean on a backroad. It had a beautiful pool + incredible spa with amazing staff all around. Everyone was very accommodating and helpful with making reservations, placing orders, and giving wonderful recommendations. They truly made us feel like royalty!

During our stay we had the Double room with a view of Caldera. It was the perfect amount of space for the 2 of us with plenty of closet/drawer space, extra seating, and a large bathroom with a walk in shower. Upon arrival we got a tour of the ground then were led to our room where champagne and a delicious brownie were waiting. This beautiful hotel with breathtaking views was the perfect, romantic stay that thought of every possible detail. The Santorini Princess offers many other rooms and accommodations as well, so be sure to check them out before you book your trip to this incredible island!


How to get around/in-between the islands


You can absolutely travel from Greek island to island by plane but it can get a little pricey since the airports are pretty small and don’t offer a lot of flight times. So we only flew from Barcelona to Athens and then took a ferry from Athens to Mykonos because of that.


Another easy way to travel between the Greek islands is by boat. Flights between Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini were more expensive than we had hoped, so we decided to see what other options we had to island hop. After doing our fair share of research we came across Blue Star Ferries. This was a little bit slower of a route for us to travel but it was much more affordable. There are tons of ferry options (sizes and times) but be sure to book in advance as they do tend to sell out quickly! Another thing to note about ferry rides is the shorter the ride the higher the cost. We ended up only paying $70 total for our ferry ride from Athens to Mykonos; however it was a 5 hour ride with multiple stops. All just depends on what you’re looking for and the timing of your trip.


Once you get on the islands, the best way to get around the cities is by taxi (especially if your hotel doesn’t have a shuttle service). It is a little harder to get taxis in the cities so I would definitely check with your hotel concierge or front desk to see how they can help. Most of the time they will offer to schedule them ahead of time for you to ensure they are prompt and timely.

In terms of paying, most accept cash or card but definitely prefer cash. Our taxi rides were all around 30 minutes or less so we paid about 10-30 euro just depending on how far we were going. Honestly most of the time the amount of time was equivalent to the amount we paid. Most of the drivers speak little English but enough to be able to communicate the basics (where you are going, cash vs card, costs, etc.). As a reminder Europe is much different than the U.S. when it comes to tipping. It’s definitely not required or even really encouraged unless it was the best service of your life or you’re just feeling extra generous!















Cities & Villages:








Perissa Beach (black sand beach)

Things to do:


Helpful tips

  • Rent an ATV to explore the island.

  • Ask the locals for advice and recommendations!

  • Take pictures by the iconic Blue Domes.

  • Watch as many sunsets and sunrises as you can!

  • Wear comfy shoes (sneakers or sandals) when walking the streets.

  • Put sunscreen on all day everyday!

  • Don't forget to throw away your toilet paper in the tiny trashcans because flushing it is not allowed.

  • Check out as many of the cities and beaches as you can!

  • Plan for “free time” to wander the streets and walk around.

  • Eat as much local food as possible.

  • The currency is Greece is euros.

  • Don't drink the tap water in Greece.


the stegalls

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