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The Curtains We Have

Picking curtains + curtain rods were the second big purchases (behind rugs) we made for our home for a couple of different reasons. First being safety and privacy of course then the next being for theme and decor. We always feel like curtains make such a difference in a room and take it from feeling plain and bare to comfy and cozy.

Velvet curtains

When picking curtains for the main spaces in our home, master bedroom, living room, and kitchen, we wanted to do with curtains that made a statement. I’ve always loved velvet and the vibe it gives but if you know Alec at all you know he can’t stand the feel of it. Well if we’ve learned anything in marriage over the past 3 and a half years, it is that compromise is key. So for these 3 rooms we got these gorgeous curtains (see below) from West Elm.

Now in those 3 rooms we wanted to have light filtering curtains to allow extra sunshine and natural light into the rooms but also have the option for blackout when we needed it. Hence the double curtain rods we got from Crate and Barrel. Now I will warn you, both these curtains and the rods were not cheap, however when we made our home shopping list we made sure to prioritize what was most important to us and curtains was one of those things. So we made compromises elsewhere in the budget to splurge on these items since they were important to both of us!

In the Master Bedroom, we got the double lined mocha curtains. At first we ordered the frost gray (as I thought they would match the room better from the image online) however in person they were much lighter than I expected. So after returning them, we got the mocha which match our room + bed frame perfectly (stayed tuned for our master bedroom room reveal soon)!

In the Living Room, we went with the camel curtains which aren’t double lined but don’t allow much light through since they are thick velvet curtains. This color brings out the subtle camel color in our rug to really tie the whole room together magnificently. We are just waiting on a few additional larger furniture pieces then this room will be ready to reveal, so be on the lookout for that blog post coming out soon.

In the Kitchen, we ordered the alabaster curtains which are the exact same as the ones in the living room but just white. With the kitchen we have some later renovations we want to make so we just decided to go with a simple white that will match whatever direction we end up taking the kitchen. That’s truly the name of the game and exactly why I enjoy creating those inspiration graphics for each room. Helps us from buying stuff “just in the meantime” and makes us really think about what the room will look like down the line so we don’t waste any money.

In all 3 rooms we still need to get some light filtering curtains to go on the back, smaller part of the curtain rods but those weren’t as much of a priority so they moved down in the shopping list for a later phase.

Light filtering curtains

In these 3 rooms, we went with single curtain rods and light filtering curtains because we plan to get roller shades installed and want to have the option during the day to allow more natural light in and not make the rooms so dark. With the idea being during the day we will have just the light filtering curtains covering the windows with the roller shades being up and at night pulling the roller shades down to allow for more privacy. So again hence why we just bought single curtain rods and light filtering curtains, don’t want to waste money if we plan to add roller shades in our phase 1 purchases.


In the Entry Room, we got these beautiful natural light filtering curtains from Crate and Barrel on sale. I believe they are last seasons (which is why they were discounted) but we linked this year’s version in case you are interested in them. Super, light almost grey/cream look that matches the rug in the room so well. For the curtain rods, we went with this simple curved ones from Target that look a lot fancier and more expensive than they actually are. We also added curtain clips to these to give it more of that elevated look and we are obsessed. Definitely helps transforms that room which will eventually act as our dining room.

In Alec’s office, we have the caramel velvet trim curtains from Target. We actually purchased these last year (but they are still in stock) for our guest bedroom in California but felt like they matched his office vibes beautifully (all about reusing, repurposing, and saving that mulah). They are definitely our most see-through curtains but they allow a lot of natural light in during the day which is great for zoom meetings. For the curtain rod we went with a more modern one from Target to tie in the whole aesthetic of the room.

In our Guest Bedroom, we bought these nougat tan textured curtains from Target which help add a bit of color to the room since the overall theme is pretty neutral. Again these are pretty light curtains but not completely see through so still allowing that privacy feel + all the natural light during the day. For the curtain rod in this room, we went ahead and got the same one as the office mainly for cohesiveness and simplicity + it matched the bedroom we already had super well!

We are definitely super happy with all the curtains + rods we used throughout our home and feel like they match the vibe of each room so well! Looking forward to using those + the rugs as the guides to the aesthetic + theme of each room.

Stay tuned for our next blog post all about the rugs we have in our home, where they are from, and how they look in each space!

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