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The Rugs We Have

The rugs throughout our home, we’re the very first purchases we made and here’s why. All throughout our house is either tile or hardwood so we immediately knew we needed rugs in almost every area ASAP. Alec and I are both big comfy, cozy people and wanted our home to reflect that. We wanted each space to feel welcoming + inviting and who doesn’t love a big, soft rug that helps tie in that feeling + the colors of the room. Now with all of that being said, these were also very strategic, thought out, and difficult decisions to make as it was the direction we wanted each room to take. So before purchasing these we really had to sit down and think about what color scheme and vibe we wanted each room to omit. After many talks, lots of online browsing, and pinning on Pinterest, we finally decided on some color schemes and were ready to make some moves. We also knew we needed to purchases during Labor Day weekend because so many online rug stores were having major sales. Thanks to Kathleen Post’s recommendation and home inspiration (if you don’t follow her, you should) we placed a large order from Rugs Direct for rugs for all the rooms throughout our home for a fraction of the price due to the major sale.

I’ve also gone ahead and added the sizing of each rug as well since it can be tricky knowing what size to get based on the room, especially when shopping for them online. Also highly recommend waiting for a big sale (Memorial Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, etc.) when purchasing rugs as they can get pricey quickly, especially when you need large rugs for a space.

Bedroom Rugs

In the Master Bedroom, we ordered the Margot Cloudpile (Antique, Sage) in an 8’6”x11’6”. This rug has a mix of light and dark tones which really helps tie our whole master bedroom together. Since we went with dark woods + greens and greys in the room, this rug connects all of those colors together with an ivory touch to brighten the room too.

In Alec’s Office, we got the Margot Cloudpile (Antique, Sage) in a 7’6”x9’6”. We went with this rug because of it’s darker brown tones with subtle touches of green, as we plan to paint the walls a dark green eventually. When visualizing this room, we really wanted it to be moody + vibey and that is exactly the feel we got from this rug.

In the Guest Bedroom, we plan to get the Neda Area Rug in a 5’x7’6”. Since the overall look of this room is plain and neutral, we want to keep it simple with an ivory rug that has some geometric shapes that match the pillows almost perfectly. This is also probably the darkest room in our home, so adding a lighter rug will really helps brighten the space a ton.

Other Rugs throughout the House

In the Bonus Room, we went with the Jules (Natural, Ocean) rug in a size a 7’6”x9’6” for the dining room half of the room. This rug is mainly beige with touches of blush and light blue, so we are excited to get to tie those colors into the room as we continue to style and decorate.

In the Living Room, we got the Teagan (Ivory, Sand) in a 9’9”x13’6”. Since that room is fully tiled, we wanted a super large rug that filled a lot of the space and really invited you in. This rug was the exact color palette we wanted to use in the living room offering a mostly neutral color scheme with touches of camel and even some blue. We felt like this rug really allowed us to incorporate a bunch of different colors into the space yet feel very warm and welcoming.

In the Kitchen, we envisioned a couple of different rugs to help fill the space. Since our kitchen is more of the “shotgun” style we got two mats, one for in front of the kitchen sink and one for in front of the stove/oven. For that area of the kitchen, we went with the Scatter Stripe Rug from Hearth and Home at Target in size 2x3. For underneath our kitchen table, we plan to get a round rug, likely the Sundaze Moroccan Circle Area Rug, to match the round kitchen table we have as well. Like we mentioned in the Curtains We Have post last week, we want to do some renovations in this space but don’t completely have the full vision yet, so the items we are purchasing for this space are very neutral and basic.

In our Laundry Room, we plan to go with the Damask Woven Persian Style Border Rug from Threshold at Target in a 2’3”x7’. Our laundry room is super small but we wanted to still make sure and give this room the love and attention it needed and deserved. We have some pretty big plans for this room as well that will allow it to feel and look larger while keeping it super functional and beautiful all at the same time.

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