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Top Baby Must Have Items

Since we are officially out of the newborn stage (cue all the emotions & water works) I figured it would be helpful to go back through our registry and make a list of our top must haves for baby! Of course as he grows and we walk into this next phase, I’ll be sure to keep a list of all the things we use + love and share in a couple of months.

*indicates our top 10 nonnegotiable must haves to make the newborn days as easy as possible!


  • Boppy pillow (if you plan to breastfeed) + cover- just makes it easier to hold the baby and relax during each nursing session.

  • Bottle warmer- we originally registered for a cheaper one and it showed. There was one incident with some spilled milk and it was over. Highly recommend this one for sure!

  • *Bottle cleaner + sterilizer- this thing is a game changer! Makes cleaning & drying bottle parts so much easier + efficient.

  • Bottles- another item we registered for different ones and regretted it. These natural, slow flow nipples allow the baby to control the pace of milk coming out of the bottle just as if they were breastfeeding. This was a panic purchase in the middle of the night during those cluster feeding days and we just wish we had them sooner! We also love that these bottles come in multiple sizes (4oz., 9oz., & 11oz.) which will be great for when he continues drinking more & more milk.

  • *Burp cloths- a must + you will need TONS of them! We originally thought we had registered for too many but there is no such thing lol. Don't waste your money on the cutesy ones, they spit up so much it doesn't even matter.


  • *Baby monitor- this baby monitor came highly recommended to us and we love it! One of the main reasons everyone raves about this monitor is that it is wireless so you don't have to worry about anyone tapping into it and seeing what you see on the screen. It just gives that extra peace of mind for safety and security regarding your little one.

  • *Changing pad- we love this changing pad for a multitude of reasons. Number one being the soft, water resistant foam which is super easy clean. Number two being the smart phone capabilities that allow you to download an app to track your baby's growth.

  • Diaper rash cream- you will need this by the pound full, trust us!

  • Diaper cream spatula- makes applying that diaper cream SO much easier.

  • *Diaper pail + trash bags- the best diaper trash can + bags that is slim, sleek, and traps in all those smelly odors.

  • Wipe warmer- great gadget for keeping the wipes warm and making diaper changes as easy & comforting as possible.

Baby gear:

  • Stroller- we have the Doona (which doubles as his carseat) but doesn’t have great storage so we also have the Mockingbird (we purchased the bassinet attachment too to use when he was a newborn).

  • *Bassinet- originally we thought we could just use the bassinet stroller attachment + stand for our nighttime bassinet (to save money) but ultimately it didn't work out. The stand was too tall for our bed + the sides of the Mockingbird bassinet are mesh or see-through so we didn't feel comfortable using it throughout the night. This bassinet is great, affordable, + easily adjusts based on the height of your bed.

  • Bouncer- this is a great item to have to place the baby in during wake/play windows or to buy you a couple of extra minutes in a pinch.

Health & safety:

  • Vitamin d drops- our doctor recommend we start adding vitamin d drops to 1 bottle a day after our baby was 2 weeks old. This brand is very reputable + organic ensuring no extra ingredients are added into any of their products.

  • *Nose sucker- a must for every baby since they can't blow their own noses, especially if your baby is born in cold/flu season or you live in an area with lots of allergies.


  • *Bath seat- another must have for babies to use during bath time since they can't sit up on their own. This just makes bathing them way easier however, we do recommend placing a towel down underneath them because it isn't the most comfortable.

  • Towels & wash cloths- any towels with little hoodies for their heads + tons of soft wash cloths are great to have around. Originally we thought we would just use an adult towel for our baby (to save money) but they just aren't nearly as plush as the baby towels.

  • Thermometer- we love having this bath time thermometer to check the water before placing the baby in the bath. It lights up green when the water temp is good for the baby and flashes red when it's too hot. Takes all the guessing out of bath time which is super nice!


  • *Mattress- a must have for piece of mind when your baby starts sleeping in their own crib + can roll over. This fully breathable mattress makes it so much easier to put your baby to sleep each night knowing that if they roll over to their tummies they will still be safe + able to breath.

  • Sound machine- we use the Hatch Rest 2nd Gen sound machine at night in our room and the Hatch Rest Go Portable sound machine on the go but any will do!


  • Pacis- these pacifiers match the nipples of the bottles we give our baby.

  • *Play gym- this Lovevery play gym is a MUST! Perfect for those early days when you don't know exactly what to do/how to play with your newborn.

We hope this list of our top baby products (+ 10 must have items) is helpful to you when creating your registry list or are shopping for a family member/friend who is expecting a little one. These items really did save us in those beginning newborn days as we were navigating all the emotions of taking care of a brand new baby mixed with little sleep & lots of caffeine.


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