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Travel Outfits

When we travel, I really like to find the happy medium between cute, casual, and comfy! No matter how short or long the flight is, you always want to make sure you feel comfortable sitting or standing for a long time in what you are wearing. So here are a couple of my go-to travel looks along with some tips on what not to wear too!

Here are a couple of my travel outfits for some inspiration over the past couple of years traveling from Europe, to Hawaii and everything in between!


When picking a top for traveling, I typically lean casual + comfy. I like to wear something that can easily be layered upon and goes with just about everything. The weather is also super dependent on what I pick too, if we are going somewhere hotter or colder, I like to lean into that weather to be as well prepared as possible.

  • basic tee + tank

  • graphic tee

  • sleeveless hoodie/top


No matter the temperature where we are departing from or arriving to, I typically where pants when traveling by plane. Nothing wrong with shorts I just feel like it is clearer + I always get cold so this helps prevent that.

  • linen pants/trousers

  • cargo pants

  • stretchy jeans

  • joggers

  • yoga pants

  • leggings


Love a good matching set for traveling in. Definitely helps to elevate a more casual, comfy look to be fashion forward + trendy!

  • sweat set

  • lounge set

  • cardigan set

  • linen set

  • workout set


Since I run warmer in the airport but cooler on a plane I always pack a jacket with me to be able to layer with or take off and store. When choosing my jacket, I try to pick something that is easy to put in my backpack if needed or wrap around my waist because I prefer to try and travel as "hands free" as possible.

  • graphic sweatshirt

  • cardigan

  • hoodie

  • linen button-up

  • jean jacket

  • flannel

  • vest


Again this may be more of a preference thing, but I typically like to wear close toed shoes when traveling. My go-tos are any kind of athlesuire/lifestyle sneaker that is easy to slip on & off + is comfy. The only time I wear anything else is if it's to save room on packing but again I always try to go with something that has a zipper rather than lace up to make the TSA process as easy and smooth as possible.

  • lifestyle sneakers

  • slip on slides

  • workout sneakers


  • stiff jeans

  • overalls/jumpsuits

  • thick sweaters

Happy traveling in style and comfort!!


the stegalls

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