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Western, Desert Inspired Baby Shower

For our second baby shower celebrating our sweet little bundle of joy, one of my best friends from high school threw a beautiful western, desert inspired shower at her parent's house. From the stunning home + all of the decorative details, it really got us excited for our little cowboy on the way!


We had the best afternoon enjoying time with our sweet friends + some family, hanging out, playing games, and spoiling Baby Stegall! Everyone is so excited for his arrival this fall and we couldn't feel more grateful + felt more loved. Thanks to all of our amazing friends who were able to celebrate with us (whether in person or from afar), we appreciate your support more than you will ever know!

Here is the link to my Pinterest inspo board for anyone who is looking to re-create a western, desert shower! I feel like there are 2 different ways you can lean into this theme. The first being more desert vibes with a rust color palette, cactus decor, and pampas leaves and the second being more western aesthetic with cowboy accents (like hats, boots, horses) and neutral/brown color tones. Both definitely meet the criteria for the theme in general it just really depends on which you prefer! On my Pinterest board I went ahead and shared aesthetic ideas for both themes because truly they are interchangeable and go together super well!


The Overall Inspo

Think neutral, denim attire, lots of cactus + pampas stems with decorations like horseshoes, cowboy boots/hats, & themed treats to tie together into the perfect western, desert vibe.

My friend hosted this shower with her mom and her parents house which was the perfect location! It really allowed everyone to feel right at home with some subtle western decor touches that matched the overall vibe of the shower perfectly. Also being in Texas in the beginning of September (you'd think it would feel like fall but think again) it really did make it feel like we were in the Arizona desert with that heat and sunshine.

Some other cute places you could host this type of shower would be-

  • renting a studio or event space

  • outdoor gazebo or park

  • western themed restaurant (like Whistle Britches)


The Spread

From tasty little sandwiches to healthy snacky sides, with the perfect arrangement of cowboy themed sweet treats, here is everything you need to eat + drink while throwing the most welcoming, warm western party!


To eat there was a lovely spread of little sandwiches + quiches, pasta salad, fruits, and veggies along with a meat & cheese tray + of course there were super tasty dips and sauces too! For dessert there was western themed frosted cookies from Kat's Cakes Dallas, cheesecake bites, and cowboy cookies.


To drink, there was beer, water, tea, & lemonade.

We had our shower mid-day which felt like the perfect time! It allowed people to lightly snack on the food and mingle without having to host anything too formal like a sit down meal.

Here are some other "western/desert" themed food/drink ideas too-

  • anything cactus themed- chocolate covered pretzels, macaroons, Rice Krispie treats, cupcakes, sandwiches, etc.

  • horse feed (trail mix)

  • mini themed western/desert cake

  • cowpie cookies

  • cowboy caviar

  • cactus juice


From cowboy accessories, to rust/neutral color scheme, and denim or satin galore! You can't go wrong with a fun yet warm aesthetic for this themed party.


In regards to the theme, some cute things you could wear to a western inspired shower would be warm, neutral color tones (browns/oranges, blues, or greens), cowboy hats + boots, or anything denim.

I ended up wearing this Strapless Pleat Release Midi Dress in the color paprika from Abercrombie. It was the perfect dress for our autumn, western themed couple's baby shower celebrating our sweet boy. To accessorize, I decided to keep it simple to let the bold body of the dress speak for itself. So I just wore gold hoop earrings that had a pearl drop, a thin gold chain chocker necklace, and a gold charm bracelet. As for my shoes, I just wore some simple white flat sandals to keep it simple + tie all of the pearl accents together. Alec wore this nice blue knit collared top from Zara with khaki shorts and his Nike Air Force Ones. He decided to accessorize with his silver Fossil watch. Our looks linked here!

Originally I was planning for both Alec and I to lean a little more into the western vibe by wearing cowboy boots + a cowboy hat for him. Unfortunately the weather here in Texas in early September was still too hot for that so we had to pivot a little bit. If you live in a cooler temp place though or the shower is later in the fall, here is another way to style these pieces with that extra western flair.


Everything from a neutral backdrop & balloon arch with pops of cow print or cactus with rust/brown colored accents completes this overall theme and vibe perfectly!


Like I mentioned above there are really 2 different ways to spin this themed party idea- either more desert or more western. Honestly the two are pretty interchangeable/go well together too so if you do a little bit of both you really can't go wrong!

Desert vibes- think cactuses, pampas leaves, rust/orange tones with subtle cow prints (brown & white) or highland cows

For the more deserty look, here are some decor ideas you could use to really help lean into that theme:

  • neutral board backdrop

  • rust/orange balloon arch

  • cactus plants

  • pampas leaves in vases

  • pops of cow-print (brown & white) or highland cows

  • cow skulls

  • sun accents

Western aesthetic- think cowboy accent pieces like hats, boots, & horses with neutral/brown color tones

For the more western look, here are some decor ideas you could use to really help lean into that theme:

  • neutral board backdrop

  • neutral/brown balloon arch

  • cowboy accessories- hats, boots, horseshoes, lassos

  • horses or subtle cow prints (black & white)

  • neutral bandanas

  • stars & moon accents

Party Favors:

As a thank you for coming to the shower, we gave out the best cookies in DFW from Kat's Cakes Dallas that were all western themed (cactus, cow, cowboy boot, etc.). Just a sweet way to thank your guests for coming and supporting you and your growing family.

Some other super cute western themed party favors could be-

  • Boot shaped bottle openers with a tag that says "for poppin' bottles"

  • Mini cactus plants with tags on them that said "thank you for helping me grow!"

Games + Activities:

At baby showers, there are always so many fun games + sweet and sentimental activities to play! During our couples shower, we had everyone fill out some prediction & advice cards for Alec and I to read once baby boy arrives. Such a cute way to get everyone involved and something for the parents to be to enjoy reading through later on.


Cute sayings/caption ideas:

  • A little cowboy is on the way

  • Wild West Party

  • Western showdown

  • Howdy baby/cowboy/partner

  • Bottles & boots


the Stegalls

Be sure to check out my Instagram highlight with tons of pictures and all the details from my western, desert themed baby shower for inspo!

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