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Window Treatments We Have

Window Treatments

When we bought our house, it appeared that new windows had recently been put in, however we didn't have any blinds or shades indoors. So when we sat down to budget (right around the time we bought the house) we made a list of all the things we wanted to do to update the house along with buy to decorate the house with. From there we went through together and determined what was a necessity and what was a want + what was an immediate fix and what was a dream for down the line. This really helped us stay within budget after spending a huge chunk of our savings on our new house, while also keeping each other in check + on the same page of what we wanted to put our money towards. Since privacy in the comfort of your own home is very important to us, we knew we needed to allocate funds for that right away.

Ideally we would have loved to put window shades in most of the windows throughout our home but knowing that would be expensive, we decided to just focus on the 3 major windows in our home that we didn't have curtains for because of their size & location. Now, before jumping the gun, we decided to do some research on window treatments. After looking at Home Depot, Lowe's, and, we ended up deciding to go through Costco. Since we are members there, they offer great deals and discount + gift card incentive to purchase through their vendor.

The Process

I started off by going to Costco's website and looking under the Services tab to find the Custom Blinds, Shades, and Shutters page. From there, I requested a free consultation and filled out the basic information needed on the following page. The next day I received an email from their support team asking for more specific details and information (how many windows, measurements, and types of shades we were interested in). Once they received and processed that info, they got back to me with the details of who my Graber (which is the window company Costco has paired with) rep would be along with the soonest availability for the rep to come out for our free consultation. Luckily, the rep was able to come out within the week of our initial conversation, which was way sooner than any other company we had contacted about doing this installation for us, so we were very excited.

Once the rep arrived, with many books of fabrics and samples, we started flipping through them to determine which would look best in each area based on light, color, and texture (see below for exact details of each room's window treatments). While we went through each space choosing the color/fabric Alec and I wanted, the rep took measurements of each window. Once we finalized the fabric (and decided on light filtering vs. blackout), we discussed whether we wanted cords or cordless. Costco was running a deal at the time that cordless (which is an upgrade) would be free! With that in mind, we decided to do cordless in the master and laundry room window but keep the corn in the kitchen window, so I could adjust it too. After all of that, the rep had everything they needed written down and were ready to leave.

The following week the rep followed up with the estimate of how much this would cost and confirmed some details before sending us the Doc-u-sign and placing the order. From there it got a little tedious as they then sent out another rep to come measure again before officially submitting the order. We aren't really sure why they did this but are glad that the measurements were double checked because once the order is placed you can't go back. At this time, we were charged the full amount and just had to wait until the roller shades came in.

Once the order was officially submitted, it took about a month for the shades to come in. After they finally arrived to the warehouse, we received a text with confirmation of their arrival and were able to schedule the install. Luckily they had availability the following week of their arrival so we were able to get them installed shortly before Christmas. Upon their arrival for install, they confirmed location, color/fabric, and then got right to work. After they finished installing, we had to sign some paperwork and were informed we had 30 days to notify the company if anything was wrong with the shades (broken, torn, etc.). Before they left we signed some paperwork and were given our Costco gift card. We received this gift card on top of the window treatment discount because we paid before the install. If you plan to go through Costco for window treatments we highly recommend this as it was a nearly $200 gift card which we were able to put towards our groceries during our next Costco run. Unfortunately, the only thing they didn't disclose to us beforehand was the window install fee which was about $200. This was definitely something we weren't expecting but the Costco gift card basically off set that charge so in the end it wasn't a big deal.


In the kitchen, we decided to go with a simple, textured off-white that would match anything & everything. Since we are still in the process of deciding how we want to decorate and potentially remodel the kitchen, we wanted to pick a roller shade color that would be timeless and classic. We also decided to use light filtering fabric here to allow more light in during the day but provide ample privacy at night.

Fabric details:

  • Name- Bravado LF Magnolia #15801

  • Slide Panel T5801

  • Fabric: 100% polyester

Laundry Room

Since the laundry room is right off of the kitchen, we decided to go with the same fabric in this room. The lighter color of the window shade really popped against the darker, moodier paint and windowsill, which was exactly the look we were going for and loved how it all turned out.

Fabric details:

  • Name- Bravado LF Magnolia #15801

  • Slide Panel T5801

  • Fabric: 100% polyester

Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, we wanted to go with a fabric that had a little more color and texture to it and was blackout. This tan color was the perfect about of moody colored we needed in the room + the small darker taupe streaks in it matched our headboard and curtains for the French doors perfectly.

Fabric details:

  • Name- Consummate Silk Bright Champagne #15903

  • Fabric: 20% cotton & 80% polyester

So for now, those are the only windows in our home that we added roller shades to, and we will just stick with our regular curtains on the other windows throughout the house for now. For more details, be sure to check out our blog post all about the curtains we have in our home.


the stegalls

P.S. if you aren interested in knowing more about this process or specific pricing, be sure to leave a comment below and we'd be happy to reach out regarding more details!

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