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our timeline

here is our wedding day timeline to use for reference however, I will preface that no matter how perfect your timeline may seem things can still go wrong or get off track. But, in the end, all that truly matters is that you're marrying your best friend surrounded by your closest family + friends!

Before the ceremony

for the bridal party + vendors! 


Arrive at venue + bridesmaids start hair & make-up asap! 

Caterer, florist, & photographer all arrive at 11am. 

Groom's extended family arrives to help set up dinner tables, alter, cake table, & entry tables. 


Hair & make-up still going for bridesmaids + bride while enjoying fruit, veggie, & meat + cheese trays. 


Videographer, groomsmen, and groom arrive at 12:30pm.

Catered chick-fil-a brunch arrives at 12:30pm.

Getting ready pictures with bridesmaids & bride around 12:45pm.


Cake arrives at 1 pm.

Groomsmen pictures from 1:30-2pm (group then individual)


Pictures of girls in getting ready outfits 2-2:15pm.

Pictures of reading groom's letter 2:15-2:30pm.

Putting on wedding dress pictures 2:30-2:45pm.

MOH deliver groom's gift at 2:30pm.

Wedding party arrives at 2:30pm.

Bridesmaids first look with bride at 2:45pm.

During the ceremony


Bridesmaids pictures from 2:50-3:25pm (group & individual).

Praying with bride & groom pictures at 3:30pm.

First look with father of the bride at 3:45pm.


Dj arrives at 4pm.

Pictures in bridal suite from 4-4:30pm. 

Guests start to arrive between 4-4:45pm.

Grab bouquets & start lining up around 4:30pm. 


Guests start to arrive between 4-4:45pm.

Grab bouquets & start lining up around 4:30pm. 

Grandparents walk down the aisle.

Mother of the bride escorted by bride's brother & father of the groom escorted by groom's sister walk down the aisle. 

Groom & mother of the groom walk down the aisle.

All groomsmen walk down the aisle.

All bridesmaids walk down the aisle.

Ring bearer + flower girl walk down the aisle.

Bride & father of the bride walk down the aisle. 


The processional

Officiates opening remarks

Officiates addresses the couple

Exchange vows

Ring exchange

Pronouncement of marriage

The kiss

Closing remarks

The recessional

During the reception


Pictures for wedding party & immediate + extended family of the Bride & Groom from 5:15-6:15pm

During this time the guest will be enjoying happy hour with appetizers and signing the guest book.



Wedding party announced at 6:15pm and then stand in front of the head table for the Bride & Groom's first dance.

Bride & Groom announced at 6:20pm and complete their first dance.

Toasts from the father of the Bride at 6:25pm.

Blessing from the officiant at 6:30pm. During this time the wedding planner should get the Bride & Groom's food prepared & set at the head table for them to enjoy before talking to their guests. 

Dinner buffet opens at 6:30pm. Have dj announce for head table to eat first, then immediate family members, then by table numbers. 


Parent dances from 7-7:10pm.

Bride & Groom continue mingling with guests while they eat from 7:10-7:25pm.

Toasts from MOH and Best Man from 7:25-7:30pm.

Bride & Groom cut & eat cake from 7:30-7:35pm

Wedding party game from 7:35-7:40pm.

Dance party from 7:40-9:15pm. 


Dance party from 7:40-9:15pm. 

Bouquet & garter toss from 8:15-8:20pm.

Last call for alcohol 8:45pm.


Dance party from 7:40-9:15pm. 

Alcohol closes at 9pm.

Last call for dances at 9:15pm.

Bride & Groom thank you speech at 9:20pm.

Bride & Groom private last dance at 9:25pm while guests line up outside for sparkler send off.


Sparkler send off at 9:30pm.

Leave venue by 10pm.

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