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our best day

the proposal

As my family and friends all know I am a BIG planner and after dating Alec for over 4 years you could say I was more than ready to be engaged. Since we both move back home over the summer I had a strong feeling he was going to be asking me then. So on Friday, July 14 2017 Alec told me to get all dressed up because he was picking me up for date night. He drove us to downtown Dallas and we ate at a very nice Italian restaurant. Afterwards we went to a rooftop bar to relax and enjoy the view. As we began to leave he told me we had one more place to stop that was significant to us. He then pulled into our high school parking lot and had us get out. As we leaned against his car reminiscing on old memories and our first year of dating he got down on one knee. I immediately began crying to then realize he was just scratching his knee and faking a proposal!! After that night I thought he was going to keep "fake proposing" to throw me off because he had scheduled many fancy dates in the upcoming weekends.

Then on 7.15.17 Alec again took me to downtown Dallas to eat at the Capital Grille. Since he had already fake proposed the night before I didn't really think much of this dinner date. After an amazing dinner he walked me to the back of the restaurant where we exited into this beautiful courtyard. As we were walking up to where he was going to ask he quickly stopped me and started telling me how happy he was and how amazing these past 4 years have been together. Since he had just done the same thing the night before I quickly brushed it off and didn't think he was going to “propose” again. As he was talking to me some stranger came up to us and asked if Alec was about to propose. Quickly Alec turned red and said no very sharply and guided us to start walking away. The man then continued to talk saying how he was a therapist and how he could sense that Alec was about to propose. I could tell Alec was flustered but I just thought it was because of that odd encounter until I saw this breathtaking foundation where there were rose petals on the ground and pictures of us on the sides. The tears immediately began flowing as he talked about how thankful he was for our relationship and couldn’t imagine his life without me. After that it didn't take long for him to get down on one knee and pop the question! Everything was such a blur and all my dreams were coming true so quickly that I even forgot to say yes! Our families and friends then came out from hiding to congratulate us and take pictures. As we were taking pictures these sweet strangers sent out a bottle of champagne to congratulate us on our big day. Afterwards both of our families went out to a bar in downtown Dallas to celebrate the best day of our lives and the joining of two families as one.

the wedding

Alec & I got married on the most perfect spring day on March 9, 2019.

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